Monitor Snaplex Health

The Snaplex process supports a monitoring URI to check the health of the Snaplex. This is useful to monitor the status of the Snaplex process. This can also be used when adding a load balancer to distribute incoming requests across Snaplex nodes, the load balancer can automatically stop sending requests to the Snaplex if the health check fails.

To check the health of a Snaplex, send an HTTP GET request to:

  • http://<HOSTNAME>:8090/healthz or https://<HOSTNAME>:8081/healthz 
  • (or https://<HOSTNAME>:8084/healthz for FeedMaster)

The response should be HTTP status code 200, with message "OK". Any other response indicates the Snaplex is not functioning.

If the health check is being done from a remote machine, the Snaplex would need to be configured to enable remote requests by setting jcc.jetty_host = See Configuration Options.

If you are using FeedMaster nodes with a load balancer, it is your responsibility to ensure the load balancer is configured to monitor the FeedMaster node using the /healthz API. If it is not configured as directed, a FeedMaster node in restart mode will continue to be forwarded POSTs until it is offline.