Create Application Entries and Subscribe to APIs

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To use an API in the Developer Portal, you must:

  1. Create an entry for your application. The application entry holds the Client ID and Client Secret that the server needs to identify your application as an approved consumer of the APIs.

  2. Subscribe to the APIs you need to call.

  3. Wait for your subscription to be approved. New subscriptions are approved by an Org admin in the Applications tab of the Subscription Manager.

  4. Call the APIs using the Bearer authorization scheme with the Client Secret.

Create an Application Entry

  1. In the Developer Portal, go to the Applications page, and click Create New Application.                                                                              

    The Application page showing the Create New Application card


  2. In the Create Application dialog, enter the Application Name, and select Web or Mobile in the Type field. You can also add a description.

    The Create Application page


  3. If you want to subscribe to an API, click Create and Continue. This will open the Create Subscription dialog.
    If not, click Create and Exit to create your application entry and exit the Create Application dialog

Subscribe to an API

  1. In the Create Subscription dialog, use the API Search field to find an API you want to subscribe to and click the API card to select it.
    After selecting all the APIs you want, click Continue.
    NOTE: You can subscribe only to APIs that allow subscription.

    The Select API tab of the Create Subscription page


  2. In the Subscription tab, you can add an optional comment to your selected APIs. Click Continue.

    The Subscription tab of the Create Subscription page


  3. In the Register tab, you will see a summary page of your application entry and the APIs you selected.
    Click Register to submit your application entry and subscription request.

    The Register tab of the Create Subscription page


  4. On the Applications page, application entries with pending or approved API subscriptions have a key icon ( ), in addition to the edit icon ( ) and delete icon ( ).
    TIP: Click the key icon ( ) to quickly copy the Client Secret to your clipboard.

    Application cards, one of which shows the key icon


  5. To show the status of the subscription, click on the application entry card. The status can be Active, Revoked, or Pending.

Edit an Application Entry

  1. In the Developer Portal, go to the Applications page, and click the edit icon ( ) to edit your application entry.

  2. You can change the Application Name, Type, or Description.

    Edit Application dialog


  3. You can also manage your Client Secret.

    • Click the copy icon () under Client Secret to copy it to your clipboard. Your subscription must already be approved.

    • Click Refresh Secret to extend the expiration date of your secret key by a year.

    • Click Regenerate Secret to generate a new secret key and refresh the expiration. Regenerating the secret key updates the secret key of all subscriptions associated with this application entry. The new secret key will automatically be saved whether you click Save or not.

  4. Click Save.

Call the API Using Your Application’s Client Secret

After your API subscription is approved, you can use your application's client secret as your API Key to access an approved API.

  1. Edit your application entry or click the key ( ) on your application’s card to copy the Client Secret to your clipboard.

  2. When you configure your application to send a request, add the following Authorization request header:

    1 Authorization: Bearer <client secret>

    Replace <client secret> with the value stored in your clipboard.
    IMPORTANT: This must be the only Authorization request header in your application.

Learn more about the Authorization request header.

If the API or Proxy is published with custom subscription key parameters (as a header or query parameter), you can also pass your Client Secret using those parameters. Learn how to specify custom subscription key parameters when publishing an API version or Proxy.

Delete an Application Entry

Click the delete icon ( ) to remove an application entry and all its API subscriptions. Click Confirm

Application card showing the delete icon.