API Manager

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You can use the API Manager to create APIs by referencing a specification. In the Permissions tab, you can set permissions for your APIs at different levels of the asset hierarchy. APIs created in the API Manager can be published to the Developer Portal so that other users can access them. You can also monitor the activity of your APIs in the API Dashboard.

Key Features

  • Creating an API in the API Manager: You can create an API through Design First, with existing project assets, or you can create an Empty API.
  • Settings Permissions in API ManagerWhen you create an API, you can set permissions at the API and version level in the API Manager console.
  • API Details: The API Details page is the space where you can view information about an API, Versions of the API, and Permissions. You can also find information about the APIs policies.
  • API Policy Manager: The API Policy Manager enables you to apply a range of authentication/authorization, traffic management, request transformation, and request validation policies to APIs. 
  • API VersionsYou can create and manage multiple versions of your APIs. You can also search through assets in a Version and view Permission sets.