API Details


The API Details page is the space where you can view information about an API, Versions of the API, and Permissions. You can view the following details  about an API.

  • Created: The date that the API was created.
  • Owner: The user who owns the API. Typically, the owner inherits the asset when it is moved or the creator is no longer a user in the Org.
  • Updated: The time that the API is last updated.
  • Versions: The number of Versions that exist for the API.

API Policy Details

Every API has the following details about each API policy applied against the API.

  • Policy: The policies applied against the API Version, listed by label. Click the target policy to display the settings dialog window.
  • Type: The type of API policy for each policy listed.
  • Owner: The owner of the API policy.
  • Updated: The time that the specified API policy is last updated.
  • Status: This column indicates if the API policy is Enabled or Disabled. You can open the dialog window for the API policy to disable or enable the API policy.

You can also do the following actions from the API details page: