Proxies for APIs


SnapLogic's Proxies feature allows you to seamlessly integrate with your APIs and third-party APIs by providing API administration, monitoring, and security management in the API Manager.

You can:


  • Org Admin permissions

Viewing the List of Proxies

To view the list of Proxies:

  1. In SnapLogic Manager, go to API Management > API Manager.

  2. In the API Manager, go to the APIs & Proxies tab.

  3. Set Filter by Type to Proxy and click Search.

The APIs and Proxies tab of the API Manager

Creating a Proxy

To create a proxy:

  1. In the API Manager, go to the APIs & Proxies tab.

  2. Click the plus icon ( ).

  3. Select New Proxy from the dropdown.

  4. Configure the new proxy.

Create Proxy dialog





Proxy Name

The name for your Proxy.

  • Must be unique.

  • Must begin with alphanumeric characters A-Z, a-z, or 0-9.

  • Cannot contain the reserved keyword shared.

  • Cannot contain |, <, >, [, ], {, }, #, ?, /, and \.

  • Must be no more than 256 characters. If the name includes double-byte characters, the maximum length is shorter.

The Proxy name is appended to the Hostname.

Proxy Description

(Optional) Information about the Proxy.


The prefix /gateway/ is concatenated with the Proxy Name.


(Optional) Tags you can use to organize your proxies.

To associate endpoints with the new Proxy at this time, click Create with Endpoints. To do so at a later time, click Create and Exit.
Learn more about creating Proxy endpoints.

Deleting a Proxy

To delete a Proxy:

  1. In the API Manager, go to the APIs & Proxies tab.

  2. Hover over the row of the Proxy.

  3. Click the trash icon ( ) that appears at the end of the row.