Manually Running a Pipeline

When a pipeline is running, data is processed through the connected Snaps.

  • In Designer, clicking the Run Pipeline button starts a pipeline's execution.
  • In Manager, select Pipelines to run on the Pipeline tab of a project and click the Execute selected pipelines button

As the Pipeline executes, a Snap's color in Designer is updated to reflect its state. 

Pipeline colorPipeline state
Light gray    Idle
Yellow Prepared
Green Succeeded
Red Failed

Pipelines can be configured to be run as scheduled, triggered, or always on. See Tasks for more information.

Using Parameters in a Pipeline

Parameters can be defined for use in a pipeline on the Edit Pipeline properties dialog.

To use the parameter within the pipeline, open the infobox for a Snap that handles expressions and enter _<paramkey> (underscore + parameter Key) as the Expression value.