Application Configuration in Azure Portal for OAuth2 Account to use in Dynamics 365 for Sales

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Snaps in this Snap Pack use the Azure portal for OAuth2 account to access the Dynamics 365 for Sales. For the OAuth2 account to function without any issue, ensure to (create and) configure an application corresponding to the account as explained in the steps below. These steps also contain the information required to create/define a new OAuth2 account for use with this Snap Pack.

Create/Access your Azure Portal Application

  1. Log into the Microsoft Azure Portal.
  2. To create a new application, click Azure Active Directory under Azure Services.
  3. Click App Registrations under  Create.
  4. Enter the Name and Redirect URI for the new app registration. Redirect URI is the URL of your SnapLogic server that uses this account.
    To use an existing application, select the application from the list in the App Registrations to select the application.
  5. Click Register.

Locate/Define Information Required to Create your Snap Account

  1. Specify the values required to create a successful Snap account connection.
  2. Enter the application (Client) ID  for the new account.
  3. Click Endpoints to locate the OAuth 2.0 authorization endpoint (v1) and OAuth 2.0 token endpoint (v1).
  4. Under Manage, click Authentication to define the trusted redirect/callback/reply URLs from your SnapLogic platform that connect/transact with the Dynamics 365 for Sales application. 
  5. Click Add URL to define a new Redirect URI and save it.
  6. Configure the Logout URL to:
  7. Click Certificates & secrets to view the Client secrets that can be used for the new account.
  8. Click Add.
  9. Copy the value of the generated Client Secret. You will need this Client Secret to configure the Dynamics 365 for Sales in SnapLogic.

  10. Under Manage, click API permissions to grant permissions to the application for the endpoint in context.

  11. Click Grant admin consent for SnapLogic in the Configured permissions screen to allow token generation in your Snap Pack without the need to specify client credentials each time.

  12. Click Add permissions to add permissions. 

13. Under Microsoft Graph, select Delegated permissions and choose the following permissions from the respective category. 

  1. OpenId permissions offline_access

  2. Files > Files.ReadWrite.All

14. Click API permissionsto grant permissions to the application for the endpoint in context

You can assign admin access to yourself and proceed with account configuration in SnapLogic.

Scopes and Permissions Required for Dynamics 365 for Sales

  1. Navigate to the Snap of your choice and set up the account with the following details noted in the previous steps.
  2. Click Authorize
    You will be redirected to the login page of Microsoft office.
  3. Login and accept the permissions.
    The Access token and the Refresh Token will be generated.
  4. Check the Auto-refresh token checkbox and save the account.

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