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Marketo is a marketing-automation software. It identifies, engages, and accelerates the customer experience. The Marketo Snap Pack enables the management of Assets and Leads in the marketing domain in small and large quantities. These Snaps are helpful in managing small and bulk data in the database.


  • A valid Marketo account with the required permissions. For more info, see Roles and Permissions.
  • A valid Marketo Munchkin ID. You can generate one from the Marketo app.

Snaps in Snap Pack

Snap NameDescription
Asset ReadQueries the Asset database to retrieve assets using commands.
Asset WriteInteracts with the assets using commands and make modifications to the Asset database.
Lead ReadQueries the Lead database to retrieve leads using commands.
Lead WriteInteracts with the leads using commands and make modifications to the Lead database.
Bulk Lead ExtractRetrieves leads in bulk from the Lead database.
Bulk Lead UpsertInserts/Updates large number of leads in the Lead database.

Supported Version

This Snap Pack is tested against Marketo version 1.0.

Snap Pack History

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Snap Pack Version 




4.29main15993 StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.28main14627 Stable

Enhanced the Bulk Lead Extract and Bulk Lead Upsert Snaps with retry mechanism fields to set a time limit to complete the processing of operations:

  • Timeout (seconds)

  • Number of Retries

  • Retry Interval (seconds)

4.27 Patch427patches13147 LatestFixed an issue with the Asset Read, Lead Read, and Asset Write Snaps where the original payload was not passed through to the error view.
4.27 Patch427patches12999 LatestFixed an issue where the Bulk Lead Extract and Bulk Lead Upsert Snaps failed when the Snaplexes were proxy-enabled.





Upgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.26 Patch426patches11555LatestFixed an issue with the Marketo Lead Read Snap, wherein the Snap generated the same next page token anytime during the day.
4.26 main11181 StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.25main9554 StableNo updates made.
4.24main8556 StableNo updates made.



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  • Latest

Introduces the Marketo Snap Pack to enable automating the process of performing operations to the Asset database and Lead database that manage the potential data for an organization in the marketing industry.

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