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You can use the Lead Read Snap to query the Lead database. Lead database objects include the following:

  • Leads

  • Companies

  • Named Accounts

  • Named Account List
  • Static List
  • Usage
  • Opportunities

  • Opportunity Roles

  • Sales Persons

  • Custom Objects

  • Activities

  • List and Program Membership


A valid account with the required permissions. For more info, see Roles and Permissions.

Support for Ultra Pipelines

Works in Ultra Pipelines


  • Daily Quota: The subscriptions are allocated 50,000 API calls per day (which resets daily at 12:00AM CST).

  • API Rate Limit: All Marketo APIs are rate-limited. The API access per instance is limited to 100 calls per 20 seconds.

  • Concurrency Limit:  You can make a maximum of 10 concurrent API calls.

Known Issues

  • The Get Lead Activities REST API call fails while getting activities for the first page, because it expects a nextPageToken on the first page. See Connecting to Marketo with the REST Snap Pack for a workaround.
  • If the API rate limit of 100 calls per 20 seconds exceed, the API responds with a 606 error code and the Snap fails.
  • Marketo Snaps do not support some special characters (for example, (𝖖𝖗𝖘𝖬𝖭𝖮𝗕𝗖𝘧𝘨𝘩𝛀𝛁𝛂𝛃𝛄𝛅𝛆𝛇,𝖗𝖘𝖬𝛌𝛗𝛘𝛙𝛴).

Snap Input and Output

Input/OutputType of ViewNumber of ViewsExamples of Upstream and Downstream SnapsDescription


  • Min: 0
  • Max: 2
  • Mapper
  • Copy
Command to query the Lead database.


  • Min: 0
  • Max: 1
  • Mapper
  • Copy

Document with the record on the basis of the input command.

Snap Settings

Field NameDescription
Specify a name for the Snap. You can modify this to be more specific, especially if you have more than one of the same Snap in your Pipeline.

Default Value: Lead Read
Example: Reading Lead

Enter the command to query the Asset database to retrieve the desired recordsAlternatively, click the Suggestion  icon to fetch a list of commands. 

Some commands require specific data in the input view. In such cases, place the Mapper Snap as an upstream Snap
Lead Read Snap, validate the pipeline and note the Target Schema in Mapper Snap. 
Refer to the Marketo Lead Database document for details of each command

Default Value: N/A
 Get Activity Types

Query Parameters

You can use this fieldset to define the name and value for query parameters on request.

Ensure that the query parameters are unique and not defined in both input documents and properties.


Specify the name of the query parameter for retrieving assets.

Default Value: N/A



Specify the value for the query parameter for retrieving assets.

Default Value: N/A


Snap Execution

Select one of the three following modes in which the Snap executes:

  • Validate & Execute. Performs limited execution of the Snap and generates a data preview during Pipeline validation, then performs full execution of the Snap (unlimited records) during Pipeline runtime.
  • Execute only. Performs full execution of the Snap during Pipeline execution without generating preview data.
  • Disabled. Disables the Snap and all Snaps downstream from it.

Default Value: Validate & Execute 




Including and Retrieving a Lead

This example Pipeline demonstrates how we can include a lead to the Lead database and retrieve that lead from the Lead database. We use the Lead Write and Lead Read Snaps to accomplish this task.

Initially, we pass the following required lead values and account name in the Pipeline as key-value parameters.


Create a lead and insert them into the Leads database

We begin with mapping the lead information (defined in the Pipeline parameters) using the Mapper Snap. Upon validation, we see the lead information in the output preview of the Snap.

Mapper ConfigurationMapper Output

Next, we configure the Lead Write Snap to insert the lead information into the Lead database. Upon validation, we see a confirmation on the lead created into the Lead database.

Lead Write ConfigurationLead Write Output

Query and retrieve a lead from the Lead database

Here, we map the information to a Lead Read Snap, which is used to query and retrieve the lead from the Lead database.

To this end, we configure the Mapper Snap to set the target path to have the Lead ID. Upon validation, we see the output with lead ID information.

Mapper ConfigurationMapper Output

Next, we configure the Lead Read Snap, to retrieve the lead information by the Lead ID.

Lead Read ConfigurationLead Read Output

Download this Pipeline.

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Sep 12, 2022 by Lakshmi Manda

Snap Pack History

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Snap Pack Version 




December 2022431patches18969 LatestThe Marketo Bulk Import Snap now imports data for the selected Custom Objects. It also displays an error for invalid data or a mismatch of data type.
November 2022main18944 Stable

 Ensure that the query parameters are unique and not defined in both input documents and properties.

October 2022430patches18810 Latest

The Marketo Asset Write Snap no longer fails with 601 and 602 errors when the OAuth access token expires or is invalid.

October 2022430patches18707 Latest
August 2022main17386 StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.29 Patch429patches16430 Latest
  • Fixed an issue with Marketo OAuth2 Account where the Snaps failed with ACCESS TOKEN EXPIRED error. Now the Snaps that use Marketo OAuth2 Account work as expected and does not display an expired token error.

  • Fixed an issue with Marketo Bulk Lead Upsert Snap where the Snap processed only successfully submitted batch jobs. Now, the Snap processes the failed batch jobs and logs the response message for each status.

  • Fixed an issue with Marketo Bulk Lead Upsert Snap where the Snap hung when parsing large data.

  • Fixed an issue with Marketo Bulk Lead Upsert and Bulk Lead Extract Snaps where the Snaps did not display valid error messages for Timeout and Number of Retries property when the input is large, empty, or Null.

  • Fixed an issue with Marketo Bulk Lead Upsert and Bulk Lead Extract Snaps where the Snaps failed without any reason when the Timeout value was less than 10 seconds.

4.29main15993 StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.28main14627 Stable

Enhanced the Bulk Lead Extract and Bulk Lead Upsert Snaps with retry mechanism fields to set a time limit to complete the processing of operations:

  • Timeout (seconds)

  • Number of Retries

  • Retry Interval (seconds)

4.27 Patch427patches13147 LatestFixed an issue with the Asset Read, Lead Read, and Asset Write Snaps where the original payload was not passed through to the error view.
4.27 Patch427patches12999 LatestFixed an issue where the Bulk Lead Extract and Bulk Lead Upsert Snaps failed when the Snaplexes were proxy-enabled.





Upgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.26 Patch426patches11555LatestFixed an issue with the Marketo Lead Read Snap, wherein the Snap generated the same next page token anytime during the day.
4.26 main11181 StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.25main9554 StableNo updates made.
4.24main8556 StableNo updates made.



  • Stable
  • Latest

Introduces the Marketo Snap Pack to enable automating the process of performing operations to the Asset database and Lead database that manage the potential data for an organization in the marketing industry.

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