Copybook Snap Pack


You can use this Snap Pack to consume one or more COBOL Copybooks and a data stream to produce a JSON formatted message containing the structured payload.



Supported Versions

  • Cobol Mainframe - All versions.

  • Cobol Open Systems - All versions.

Supported Copybook Structures and Payloads

  • Copybooks contain multiple 01 records, and payloads contain multiple record types.

  • Payloads with the following characteristics:

    • Fixed length

    • CRLF delimited

    • LF delimited

    • Continuous stream (no delimiter)

    • Mainframe variable record length file (4-byte length field with a 2-byte length, which is the length of the payload plus the 4-byte RDW followed by 2 bytes of hex ‘00’s).
      A variation on the mainframe variable record length file where:

      • A 4-byte length consisting of a 2-byte length field that is byte-swapped for intel systems. This does not include the length of the 4-byte word. To be specific, it contains the length of the payload following the 4-byte length field.

      • The last two bytes of the length field are hex ‘00’s.

  • Big-Endian or Little-Endian payload.

  • All standard COBOL types including packed and zoned decimal.

  • COBOL array constructs such as ‘occurs’ and ‘occurs depending on'.

  • COBOL Redefines.

  • Payload encoded in EBCDIC (Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code) or any encoding supported by Java.

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