Amazon S3 Snap Pack


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Amazon S3 is an object storage used to retrieve data from anywhere. You can use Snaps in this Snap Pack to browse, copy, delete, download, or upload objects in S3.

This Snap Pack contains the following Snaps:

  • S3 Browser: Lists the attributes of Amazon S3 objects in a specific bucket matching the prefix.

  • S3 Copy: Sends a copy request to the AWS S3 service to copy an Amazon S3 object from a source bucket to a target bucket.

  • S3 Delete: Removes an object from the specified bucket.

  • S3 Download: Downloads Amazon S3 objects from the S3 bucket.

  • S3 Upload: Uploads binary data to Amazon S3 objects.

  • S3 Presigned: Generates a presigned URL in the output document to access an Amazon S3 object.



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