Remote Python Executor Dynamic Account

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Use this account type to connect ML Core Snaps with datasources that use Remote Python Executor Dynamic accounts. This account deals with the dynamically calculated values. You can specify the account properties as expressions referencing Pipeline parameters. The values for dynamic accounts are not stored; hence, use them when requested.


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Account Settings

Parameter NameData TypeDescriptionDefault ValueExample
LabelStringRequired. The name for the account. Preferably, update the account name if your project includes more than one account of the same type.N/ARemotePythonExecutorDynamicAccount
HostnameStringRequired. The hostname of Remote Python Executor.N/Alocalhost
PortIntegerRequired. The port number of Remote Python Executor.N/A5301
TokenStringAuthentication token of Remote Python Executor. This token is retrieved when setting up the account for the endpoint. This token is not refreshable. The user must get a new token after its expiration.N/AN/A