Azure Storage Account

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Use this account type to connect Binary Snaps with data sources that use the Azure Storage account. 



Limitations and Known Issues


Account Settings

Field Name
Field Type
Field Dependency
Default Value
LabelStringN/AUnique name for the account.N/AAzure Account for Hadoop
Account nameStringN/A

Azure storage account name

Auth TypeDropdown listN/A

Select the authorization type that you want to consider while setting up the account. Options available are:

  • Access Key

Primary access keyStringAppears when you select Access Key in the Auth Type. 

Enter the primary access key is associated with the Azure storage account. 

 SAS URIStringAppears when you select SAS URI in the Auth Type. 

Specify the URI containing SAS token to perform read/write operations in the Azure Storage account.

You can generate SAS URI either in the Azure portal or from the SAS Generator Snap. 

If you provide the SAS URI in the Snap, then the Snap considers the URI given in the Snap and ignores the URI in the account settings.
Blob endpointStringN/A
The Azure storage blob endpoint. Leave this field empty to use the default endpoint ("https://<storage-account-name>").
Request Size (MB)IntegerN/A

Specify the buffer size (in MB) to be used by the corresponding Binary Snap before performing the required action in the Azure storage.

  • For writing large files, specifying a value in this field ensures that the specified buffer limit is filled before calling the Azure API to write data to Azure storage. If the file size is smaller than the specified buffer limit, Snap calls the Azure API as soon as the file is stored in the buffer.

  • We recommend that you set the Request Size to the maximum limit so that the execution time is fast. However, this can consume memory. If the value of the Request size is small and the file size is large then the Snap might need to make multiple API calls to write to Azure storage, which might affect the performance.

4 MB

50 MB

Maximum Size: 100 MB

Account Encryption

Standard Encryption

If you are using Standard Encryption, the High sensitivity settings under Enhanced Encryption are followed.

Enhanced Encryption

If you have the Enhanced Account Encryption feature, the following describes which fields are encrypted for each sensitivity level selected per each account.

  • High: Primary access key
  • Medium + High: Primary access key
  • Low + Medium + High: Primary access key