The Pipeline page shows a list of Pipelines defined for the selected project.

  • Clicking on the Pipeline name opens the Pipeline within Designer.
  • Pipelines can be deleted on this page by selecting the checkbox next to the Pipeline, then clicking Delete.
  • Pipelines can be run by selecting the checkbox next to the Pipeline, then clicking Run selected pipelines.
  • From the context menu on a Pipeline, you can:
    • View. Open the Pipeline in Designer
    • Snap Statistics. See the Snaps used within that Pipeline
    • Activity Log. View the changes made to the pipeline. See Activity Log for information of the types of changes tracked.

Hover over the pipeline name to get access to the context menu. From there, you have access to:

  • View the pipeline in Designer.
  • Views the Snap Statistics to see what Snaps are used in the Pipeline.
  • View the Pipeline's activity log to see when it was created or modified.

When you import an expression library for a Pipeline execution in a project, use the full path of the expression file name.