Pipelines Catalog

As the focal SnapLogic Asset in building an automations and integrations, Pipelines complete a sequences of actions across endpoints.

The Pipelines Catalog in SnapLogic Designer enables you to do the following:

  • Open existing Pipelines by clicking on the Pipeline name.
  • Embed an existing pipeline into another Pipeline by dragging the Pipeline icon from the Catalog onto the workbench of the other Pipeline. This allows for the reuse of common Pipelines.

You can access the Pipelines Catalog through the Asset Palette

To search Pipelines:

  1. Click on Pipelines in Asset Palette.
    The Pipeline Catalog appears.
  2. Search for Pipelines by entering a search term in the Search Pipelines field.
    The results display the number of Pipeline matches in relevant Project Spaces.

  3. Click and open a Pipeline.