Dynamic Validation

Dynamic Validation validates Snap properties as you enter them. SnapLogic starts validating a property as you edit it; a preview of the result of this validation is displayed and updated as you continue editing. In addition, if preview data from the upstream Snap is available, the expression is validated against the preview data, and the results are displayed adjacent to the property. A full validation is required for file path or JSONPath validations that depend on input or output schemas.

  • Validation errors appear in red with a message that describes the error.

  • Successful validations are highlighted with a green checkmark icon.

  • For successful validations, click the down arrow to preview the data output. For example:

Preview data is available only after you save and validate the pipeline. If a Snap is connected to other Snaps and you change the previous Snap, wait for full validation before viewing the dynamically validated preview.

  • Dynamic validation is enabled by default. To turn it off, click the User Settings icon and uncheck Dynamic Validation.