Print Pipeline

The Print Pipeline Document feature allows you to print a Pipeline's details, including Pipeline notes, Snaps in the Pipeline, and Snap configuration details. Alternatively, you can also create a PDF version.

The following details are included in the resulting document:

  • Pipeline name and properties.
  • Snaps in the Pipeline.
  • Sticky notes in the Pipeline
  • Configuration of the Snaps.

To print the details of a Pipeline:

  1.  Navigate to your target Pipeline In SnapLogic Designer. Alternatively, navigate to the target Project folder in Manager, select the target Pipeline, and the Designer tab appears.

  2. Click the  icon.

When the SnapLogic printable Pipeline dialog opens in a new tab, make the following selections:

  • Destination: Select a printer. Save as PDF is the default. 
  • Pages: Select which pages to print. All is the default.
  • Copies: If you selected a printer, you can specify the number of copies to print.
  • Layout: Select a Portrait or Landscape. Portrait is the default.

For Pipeline Notes to display across the page for readability, we recommend the following print settings: