April 2022 Release Notes

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We updated the SnapLogic platform with the following features and enhancements at 4 p.m. PT on Apr 14, 2022. If you have any questions, email support@snaplogic.com.

SnapLogic Studio (Preview)

New Feature

New Pattern Catalog available in Studio provides a space within IIP to explore SnapLogic Pipeline Patterns.


You can now jumpstart your integration projects by using the following prebuilt integrations:

  1. Read data from Salesforce, transform the data, then load it into NetSuite and Reltio.

  2. Create Box folders for Salesforce cases.

  3. Search through ServiceNow approvals and send the 10 recent most requested approvals to Slack.

  4. Send information from Workday to Tableau.

  5. Send ServiceNow incident details to Slack.

  6. Send leads from Salesforce to Marketo.

  7. Record Box files to Google Sheets.

  8. Search for 10 recent high priority open incidents in ServiceNow and send to Slack.

  9. Search through ServiceNow tickets and send 10 most recent open tickets to Slack.

  10. Flatten JSON Records, then convert JSON data to CSV data.

  11. Convert CSV data to JSON data.

Each Pipeline pattern displays the following information:

  • An image of the Pipeline.

  • A description of the pattern in the Overview.

  • Basic requirements for building a Pipeline from the Pipeline Pattern in the Prerequisites section.

  • Basic instructions for opening the Pipeline pattern in SnapLogic Designer.

After you save a Pipeline Pattern to a project, you can open it in SnapLogic Designer from Manager.

Known Issues

  • The Studio Pattern Catalog search functionality is case-sensitive and only searches for terms that are in the Pattern title and tags.

  • The Use pattern wizard in the Studio Pattern Catalog currently does not support changing the name. Instead, select the project in which to save the Pattern Pipeline, and rename it later.



  • When using the public API POST /project/checkout/{project_path}, you no longer need to use the SnapLogic Manager UI for the initial checkout. When you use the public API to check out a branch for the first time, the API now clones the repo and checks out the branch to the project at the same time. This makes the public API behavior similar to the UI behavior.
    Learn more: Check Out Project Files from GitHub

Known Issue

If SnapLogic notifications are configured through Slack, the rate limit built into the Slack API might cause an Internal slack channels error during a Snaplex update. This error occurs when a Slack organization has many Slack channels (excess of 200).

Data Automation

ELT Snaps

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed the issue in ELT SCD2 Snap where the Snap causes incorrect results with Snowflake targets, when:

    • Historical Row End Date value is provided.

    • Nulls and Invalid rows are honored, but one or more start dates in the source are null.

  • Fixed the issue in ELT Transform Snap where the Output Schema of the Snap does not populate all the column names from its Input Schema.

Fast Data Loader

Fixed Issues


New Features

  • Added S3 File Reader (source) and S3 File Writer (target) as new endpoints.

  • You can now download files from the Project tab.

Fixed Issue

Fixed an issue where the Flows tutorial for first-time users was not appearing.

Flows is available to you free with your current SnapLogic subscription, but only for a limited time. To get started, register for Flows.