June 2022 Release Notes

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We updated the SnapLogic platform with the following features and enhancements at 4 p.m. PT on Jun 9, 2022. If you have any questions, email support@snaplogic.com.

The SnapLogic platform is going live with Cloudflare on Sep 8, 2022, wherein the SnapLogic UI will automatically redirect to the given Cloudflare CDN addresses. This will enhance SnapLogic platform’s response time, security, and performance. Only customers who restrict outbound IP addresses to a pre-identified list of IP addresses must extend their allowlist to add all the given IP addresses to ensure continued access to the SnapLogic UI. Learn more to understand if this impacts your organization.

SnapLogic Studio (Preview)

New Features

  • Studio displays informational, operational, and alert notifications.

  • The Studio Execution Overview displays a Completed with Errors card with a sum of all Pipeline executions that generated an error document.

  • You can resize columns on the Execution Overview page, enabling you to customize your view of the Pipeline execution details.

Platform (IIP)

New Features


  • Users with write permission and Org admins can send Projects and Project Spaces directly to the Recycle Bin without emptying them first.

  • Org admins can restore or permanently delete Project Spaces and Projects from the Recycle Bin.

  • The Create User dialog features a redesign that streamlines the workflow.

  • Users with write permission can move, copy, or delete Flows from Projects.

  • Flows are included in an Asset Search.


The eXtremeplex is no longer available as a Snaplex type, and the Add New Pipeline and Edit Pipeline dialogs no longer display the option for eXtreme or the UI label Type.

Known Issue

In Manager, when you navigate to the Recycle Bin and refresh the page, a Datatables warning error message might be displayed. Click OK to close the message.

Data Automation

SnapLogic’s Data Automation solution for cloud data platforms accelerates the movement of data from legacy systems, applications, and many other sources into the cloud data warehouse (CDW). This flexible solution delivers traditional ETL integrations to achieve complex transformations of data in-flight, as well as ELT capabilities to transform data in-place, such that data does not move out of the CDW. Coupled with comprehensive API management capabilities, SnapLogic’s Data Automation solution drives full end-to-end automation of data processes, accelerates the loading/transformation of data into the CDW, and ultimately streamlines business processes for quicker data-to-decision delivery.


New Feature

Added AWS S3 account as a source endpoint in Fast Data Loader (FDL). Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage service. Customers can store and protect their data for any use case, such as data lakes, cloud-native applications, and mobile apps.


New Features

  • Introduced the Triggered Event - Webhook as a source endpoint that automatically generates an external URL which you can use to configure your external event.

  • Added Webhook support for the Google Sheets endpoint to set up an external event with your Google Sheets account. A notification will be sent to Flows when the event occurs.

  • While mapping data via the Data Wrangler, the Auto-link can now automatically map the fields in the target endpoint by using the input and output schema.


  • You can now move, copy, export, and delete Flows from the Projects tab in Flows.

  • You can now export a Project from the Projects tab in Flows.

  • You can now search, sort, and filter Flows via the Manager > Asset Search in IIP.

Fixed Issue

Earlier while setting up a Flows, clicking the back button on the browser used to redirect the user to the Home page instead of the Select a Source/Target Snap. Now, while setting up a Flows, clicking the back button will redirect the user to the Select a Source/Target Endpoint page.