February 2022, 4.28 Release Notes


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Key New Features in SnapLogic


  • New Public API endpoints to facilitate integration with your CI/CD tools:

    • Create new Project Spaces and Projects to run your tests.

    • Manage Permissions in specific Orgs as you promote Pipelines and Assets.

    • List Git status of Assets.

API Management: 

  • Expand your API ecosystem to manage, secure, and control third-party and public APIs through the API Management solution.

  • Secure external APIs with policies for security, traffic management, and more.

Developer Portal:

  • Improved application development time by testing and sampling custom APIs within the Developer Portal using the “Try it out” feature in the API documentation page.

Snaps and Accounts:

  • Added Azure Service Bus Snap Pack.

  • Added Exact Online Snap Pack.

  • Added Active Directory Remove Member Snap.

  • Added SharePoint Online - Get Sites Snap.

  • Added OAuth2 Account support for ServiceNow Snap Pack.

  • Added OAuth2 Account support for SuccessFactors Snap Pack.

  • Added OAuth2 Account support for Snowflake Snap Pack.Snowflake Snap Pack.

ELT for Cloud Data Platforms:

  • Subquery Pushdown Optimization.

  • Added new ELT Snaps: ELT Coalesce, ELT Conditional Function, ELT Math Function, and ELT SQL Case Expression.

  • Support for loading data from S3 and Redshift source locations to BigQuery target tables.

SnapLogic Flows:

  • Added Webhook support for Salesforce and HubSpot.

  • Added two new endpoints: HubSpot and Jira (source).

  • Added Auto Data Type Conversion.

Flows is available to you free with your current SnapLogic subscription, but only for a limited time. To get started, register for Flows.

4.28 UAT Delta

This section tracks the changes made during the iterative pushes to the UAT server and the GA release. The following is the release schedule:

  • UAT 1: Friday, Feb 4, 2022 – Snaplex version: 4.28_rc-11090 - 4.28 RC (Recommended)

  • GA: Saturday, Feb 12, 2022 – Snaplex version: main-11177 - 4.28 GA (Recommended)

The SnapLogic GA release build on the production server is also deployed on the UAT server.


  • Per the SnapLogic Release Process, all remaining Snaplex instances across Orgs are auto-upgraded to the recommended version (main-11177 - 4.28 GA) at 9 p.m. PT on Saturday, Mar 19, 2022. Orgs migrated to the 4.28 GA version prior to the auto-upgrade are not impacted. 
    The Snaplex upgrade process also upgrades the Java version to the latest version. After the upgrade, the Java version of your Cloudplex nodes may not be the same as your FeedMaster nodes. However, this does not impact the operations of your SnapLogic instance. We will be fixing this issue in a subsequent release.

  • To use the new SnapLogic features and Snaps in the 4.28 release, ensure that your Snaplex nodes are upgraded to the main-11177 - 4.28 GA (Recommended) version.

  • This 4.28 release includes the patches deployed to SnapLogic after the 4.27 release, as listed in the 4.27 Dot Releases section. 

4.28 Dot Releases

SnapLogic Studio

Date of Update


Date of Update


Mar 31, 2022

Removed Last Execution and Last Status in the Execution Overview to improve performance.


Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Snap Pack in lieu of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Snap Pack

As Microsoft has deprecated its following offerings, the Dynamics CRM Snaps configured with the Dynamics 365 Account For Online or Dynamics 365 Dynamic Account For Online fail with a Ws-Trust authentication error.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Snap Pack (CRM) will be deprecated in the upcoming August, 4.30 SnapLogic release after the on-premise support is added in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Snap Pack. If you are using the Dynamics 365 Online Accounts for Dynamics CRM Pipelines, we recommend that you immediately update these Pipelines and Accounts with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales that uses the REST-based API (Web API) recommended by Microsoft.

Before you begin your migration, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or SnapLogic Support to subscribe to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Snap Pack.

Snap Pack

Date of Update

Snap Pack Version


Snap Pack

Date of Update

Snap Pack Version



Apr 20, 2022


Fixed the issue with ELT Merge Into Snap where the Snap erroneously modified the target table column name when it contained the target table name, due to a misinterpretation of the target table name aliases.


Apr 12, 2022


  • Updated the Snowflake - Bulk Upsert Snap for the following:

    • The Snap displayed an incorrect resolution when the length of the value exceeded the value defined in a column.

    • The Snap failed with a NullPointer Exception when no value was provided for Error Limit field and Error percentage limit fields.

    • The Snap displayed an incorrect error message when S3 details were not provided.

    • Added the On Error dropdown list, where you can select an action to perform when the Snap encounters errors in a file.

On Error: Use this field to select an action to perform when the Snap encounters error in a file. The available actions are:

- ABORT_STATEMENT: Aborts the upsert action and displays an error.

- CONTINUE: Continues loading the file. The error is displayed in the output document.

- SKIP_FILE: Skips upserting the files that contain errors.

- SKIP_FILE_*error_limit*: Skips file when the number of errors in the file exceeds the number specified in the Error Limit field.

- SKIP_FILE_*error_percent_limit*%: Skips file when the percentage of errors in the file exceeds the percentage specified in the Error Percentage Limit field.

Default value: ABORT_STATEMENT
Example: SKIP_FILE

  • Removed the Username field in the following accounts to allow reusing of accounts among different users:

  • The following enhancements were done for Snowflake - Bulk Load Snap:

    • The Snap skips AWS account validation if S3 Storage Integration property is provided.

    • The Snap skips the validate command if S3 Storage Integration property is not provided

    • The Snap overrides the storage integration specified in the account settings with the storage integration specified in the Snap settings.

  • Enhanced the Snowflake - Unload Snap to skip AWS account validation if S3 Storage Integration property is provided.

Google BigQuery

Apr 12, 2022


  • Fixed an issue with Google BigQuery Execute Snap, where the Snap displayed 404 Job not found error when calling a procedure.

  • Fixed an issue with the Google BigQuery Bulk Load (Cloud Storage) Snap where the Snap failed, because the access token expired when it had to wait longer to execute. With this fix, the Snap is reloaded to get refreshed access token.


Apr 12, 2022


Fixed an issue with SQL Server - Execute Snap where the Pipeline was failing when there were consecutive execute Snaps with a procedure call, followed by select statements.

SharePoint Online

Apr 6, 2022

428patches (main101)

Fixed the Auto Refresh Token issue in the SharePoint Online Account.


Mar 28, 2022


Fixed an issue that caused REST SSL accounts to fail when the username in the REST SSL Account was null and the Enhanced Encryption level was low, medium, or high.

SQL Server

Mar 25, 2022


Enhanced the SQL Server - Select and SQL Server - Lookup Snaps with Option for Unique Identifier Column that allows you to convert the case to lower or upper while displaying the Unique Identifier output (display) value.

Option for Unique Identifier Column: This field is applicable only when the Snap returns the unique identifier (GUID) in the output. The unique identifier is stored in the database using an internal format and when it is displayed in the output, it is converted to a string and gets displayed in upper case for HEX characters. Select either of the following options to change the case type. Available options are:

- Convert to lower case: Modifies the output string to lower case.

- Convert to upper case: Modifies the output string to upper case.

Default Value: Convert to lower case
Example: Convert to upper case


Mar 24, 2022


Enhanced the JWT Generate Snap to include the typ field in the JWT Header of the JWT token.

"alg": "HS256",
"typ": "JWT"


Mar 24, 2022


  • Updated ELT SCD2 Snap to address different feature requests and issues raised by multiple customers. These changes provide more flexibility in configuring your SCD2 operations using this Snap.

    • Removed Check for nulls and duplicates in source field and added two dropdown lists - Null Value Behavior and Invalid Row Handling.

    • Refer to the ELT SCD2 scenarios to learn more.

  • Introduced a new Snap ELT Router to enable routing input SQL queries into multiple output views based on the given conditional expressions.

Google Sheets

Mar 24, 2022


Enhanced the Spreadsheet Browser Snap with the Fetch Mode dropdown list to fetch the spreadsheets and worksheets.

The Fetch Mode list has the following options:

- Spreadsheets and Worksheets: Fetches Spreadsheets and Worksheets within the Spreadsheet.

- Spreadsheets: Fetches only the Spreadsheets.

Default Value: Spreadsheets and Worksheets
Example: Spreadsheets


Mar 24, 2022


Fixed an issue with the Email Sender Snap where SMB files were attached to an e-mail causing the Snaps to fail with a NullPointer Exception.

MS Dynamics 365 for Sales

Mar 23, 2022


Updates in the MS Dynamics 365 for Sales Create and MS Dynamics 365 for Sales Upsert Snaps:

  • Improved performance by streamlining the process of creating new entities.

  • Fixed an issue where the Content-Length header was incorrectly set when Unicode characters were present in the request.


Mar 23, 2022


Added the AWS S3 Dynamic account for Parquet Reader and Parquet Writer Snaps.


Mar 22, 2022


Fixed an issue with HTTP Router Snap where the Snap did not work as intended for a GET request that used a Cloud URL when the HTTP Router was the first Snap in the triggered task Pipeline.

Azure SQL

Mar 22, 2022


Fixed an issue with the Azure SQL - Update Snap where the Snap failed with an Incorrect syntax error when a column in a table is of NVARCHAR, NCHAR, or NTEXT data type and this column is part of another NVARCHAR, NCHAR, or NTEXT data type column name and the update condition is specified as an expression.


Mar 17, 2022


  • Fixed an issue with the Directory Browser Snap where the Snap failed while parsing the value in the Amazon S3 client region.

  • Enhanced the File Writer Snap with the Prevent URL encoding checkbox to manage the URL encoding.

- Select this checkbox to prevent the encoding of the file path URL automatically. This allows the Snap to use the file path value as-is.

- Deselect this checkbox to automatically encode the characters in the File URL.

  • Fixed an issue with the ZipFile Write Snap where the Snap displayed a null pointer exception when the path in the upstream File Reader Snap started with "../".

  • Fixed an issue in the Binary Snaps (that support SMB file protocol), which displayed an SMB Mount error when trying to connect to Mount Share.

  • Fixed an issue with the File Writer Snap where the Snap did not display an error when an error occurred while writing a file.

Azure SQL

Mar 16, 2022


Fixed an issue with the Azure SQL - Bulk Load Snap where the decimal values lost precision when they were inserted into the database.

Amazon SQS

Mar 10, 2022


Fixed an issue in the SQS Consumer Snap where the Snap took longer time to process the messages when the Client-side buffering checkbox was selected.


Mar 10, 2022


Fixed an issue in the File Writer, S3 File Writer, and ZipFile Write Snaps where the Snaps failed with AccessControlListNotSupported error when using an external AWS account to write to the bucket if it has the bucket-owner-enforced setting enabled. With this fix, you can select the None option (the default value), from the AWS Canned ACL dropdown list, indicating that no Canned ACL request is set when writing a new file to prevent the error.


Mar 4, 2022


Enhanced the Workday Cancel Snap with retry mechanism fields.

Number of Retries: The number of attempts the Snap should make to perform the selected operation in case of connection failure or timeout.

Retry Interval (seconds): The time interval in seconds between retry attempts.


Feb 28, 2022


Fixed an issue with Kafka Snaps where the Snaps failed with null pointer exceptions when logging the cluster information with the controller’s identity not known.


Feb 25, 2022


Fixed an issue with the XML Generator Snap, where the Snap failed with an invalid UTF-8 sequence error when running on the Windows Snaplex.


Feb 24, 2022


Upgraded the Splunk library to version to fix an issue with the Splunk Search Snap, where the Snap displayed a 401 Unauthorized access error despite entering valid credentials.


Feb 24, 2022


Fixed an issue with Salesforce Snaps where the Service Version could not be retrieved from SFDC due to a blocked URL, failing the Snap execution.

Google BigQuery

Feb 23, 2022


  • Fixed an issue with the Google BigQuery Execute Snap, where the Snap displayed an error when the input data contained a table having the record type column and its value was null.

  • Fixed an issue with the Google BigQuery Write Snap, when the input data contained complex data type columns (such as nested fields) and Create table if not present checkbox was selected.


As previously announced, SnapLogic has ceased support for Windows Server 2012 on Jan 1, 2022, since this version did not support strong ciphers. Ensure that you upgrade your Groundplex instances to Windows 2016 or 2019. 

On Sunday, May 8, 2022 at 9 p.m. PT, we are updating the TLS certificates for the SnapLogic Platform servers (UAT and Elastic). No action is required by customers. Learn more: https://docs-snaplogic.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SD/pages/1083998225

SnapLogic TLS/SSL Digital Certificate Update: We updated the SSL/TLS certificates for the SnapLogic Platform servers (UAT and Elastic) at 9 p.m. PT on Tuesday, May 3, 2022, since the previous certificates were expiring. Customers who need to manually update their trust store to trust the new certificate must do so immediately. Learn more: https://docs-snaplogic.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SD/pages/1083998225

New Features


  • Updated the Snaplex installer to use JRE 11.0.12+7 instead of 11.0.10+9. We have committed to upgrade the version twice a year as part of security compliance. New Groundplex installations will use this version, and Cloudplex installations will get upgraded as part of the version upgrade. Existing Groundplex installations will continue on the current version until the RPM/DEB is manually reinstalled.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed the issue in ServiceNow Snaps where Number of Retries was showing empty or blank values.

  • Fixed 404 errors when selecting 8 Hours or 24 Hours in the Dashboard under the Health tab.

  • Fixed the missing default value for Skip lines in the CSV Parser Snap settings dialog.

Known Issues

  • When creating new Projects using the Public API (POST /project/{projpath}), the checkout Public API (POST /project/checkout/{project_path}) is currently unable to create the initial link between the Project and the repository, and the checkout will fail. As a workaround, check out using the UI. Target fix version: 4.28 patch in March.

  • When committing files to GitHub from SnapLogic, some subdirectories might be inadvertently deleted from the repository, including GitHub Actions workflows in the .github directory. Target fix version: 4.28 patch in March.

API Management

New Features

  • Proxies. SnapLogic's new Proxies feature allows you to seamlessly integrate with your custom APIs and third-party APIs by providing API administration, monitoring, and security management within the API Manager.

    List of reverse proxies in the API Manager, showing the new dropdown for the plus icon


  • Naming restrictions for APIM assets. The following restrictions now apply to the names for API Manager assets (APIs, API versions, Proxies, Proxy Endpoints):

    • Must be unique.

    • Must begin with alphanumeric characters A-Z, a-z, or 0-9.

    • Cannot contain the reserved keyword shared.

    • Cannot contain |, <, >, [, ], {, }, #, ?, /, and \.

    • Must be no more than 256 characters. If the name includes double-byte characters, the maximum length is shorter.


1. Go to the API Manager and select the API.

2. In the Versions tab, select the version.

3. In the Assets tab, select the assets to delete.

4. Click the trash icon ( ).

List of assets with checkboxes and trash icon

Developer Portal

New Features

  • Try It Out. You can now test your APIs in the Developer Portal using the Try it out button. It works with all APIs with only two requirements:

    • The API must include a CORS Restriction policy.

    • The API must be published.

      Expanded API endpoint with the Try It Out button



  • Account and Subscription Management Based on User Role. Only Org Administrators can manage (create, approve, deny, or delete) Developer Portal user accounts and API subscriptions. System Administrators and regular users can only view these users and API subscriptions.


Read about the Snap features and fixes deployed in the prior 4.27 Snap dot releases, which are part of the current 4.28 GA version.

New Snaps

Azure Service Bus: A cloud messaging service that connects applications, devices, and services running in Azure Cloud to any other applications or services. This Snap Pack offers the following Snaps:

Exact Online: Allows companies to speed up their business process and automation for payroll, expenses, and other accounting workflows. This Snap Pack offers the following Snaps:

Active Directory: Added the Active Directory Remove Member Snap that enables you to remove an existing member from a specified group in Active Directory.

SharePoint Online: Added the SharePoint Online - Get Sites Snap that enables you to get the list of sites specific to the logged-in user from the SharePoint Online site.

Snap Enhancements

  • Binary

    • Enhanced the File Operation Snap to support Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen2 protocol for moving and copying files in the Azure Blob File System (ABFS).

    • Fixed an issue with the File Poller Snap to enhance the performance of the polling operations that allow the Snap to poll the files without stopping.

    • Enhanced the S3 File Writer Snap with the Suggest fully-qualified file names checkbox that allows you to use fully-qualified file names in the File name Suggestions list for gov cloud instances.

    • Enhanced the File Writer, S3 File Writer, and ZipFile Write Snaps with the AWS Canned ACL (Access Control List) permission mode that enables you to use Canned ACLs when creating the S3 Object. This feature allows you to grant full access of the object to the S3 bucket owner.

  • Database Delete Snaps

  • Flow: Enhanced the Filter Snap with the Null-safe access checkbox. Select this checkbox to consider the valid values in the filter expression and remove the missing or empty data instead of treating them as null.

  • JDBC

  • Marketo Snap Pack: Enhanced the Bulk Lead Extract and Bulk Lead Upsert Snaps with retry mechanism fields to set a time limit to complete the processing of operations:

    • Timeout (seconds)

    • Number of Retries

    • Retry Interval (seconds)

  • ML Data Preparation: Enhanced the Type Converter Snap with the Fail safe upon execution checkbox. Select this checkbox to enable the Snap to convert data with valid data types, while ignoring invalid data types.

  • Oracle

    • Enhanced the Oracle - Update Snap to accept values in the Number of Retries and Retry Interval (seconds) fields from Pipeline parameters only. 

    • Enhanced the Oracle Bulk Load Snap with the Column Length Overrides field set to support CLOB (Character Large Object) and NCLOB (National Character Large Object) data types that may require a large buffer size, allowing users to load large amounts of data into a single column store of data type CLOB or NCLOB.

  • REST

    • Enhanced the REST Post, REST Put, and REST Patch Snaps with a new field Multipart Type to support multipart (files and text) upload.

    • Renamed the following fields:

      • Upload File(s) field set to Form Upload

      • Upload-file key to Multipart Key

      • Upload file to Multipart Value

  • SAP

    • Upgraded the Java Native Library used by the SAP Java Connector (JCo) to version 3.1.

Breaking change for Pipelines containing Snaps from the SAP Snap Pack with Java Native Library

This upgrade may cause your existing Pipelines to break if they contain Snaps from the SAP Snap Pack. You must manually upgrade your SAP Java Connector (JCo) Native Library to version 3.1.4 for these Pipelines to run successfully. See SAP Configurations for more information.

  • Salesforce

    • Removed Null Setting with Bulk API property in the following because the Salesforce.com server software has been changed such that these Snaps can insert and update null values regardless the Null Setting with Bulk API setting is true or false.


  • ServiceNow

    • Added a new account type ServiceNow OAuth2 that enables OAuth2 authentication for all the ServiceNow Snaps.

  • SuccessFactors

    • Added a new account type SuccessFactors OAuth2 that enables OAuth2 authentication for all the SuccessFactors Snaps.

  • Snowflake

  • Workday

    • Enhanced the Workday Read Snap with the following:

      • Added the Pass-through on no lookup match checkbox that allows the input document to pass through to the output view when there are no records matching an input document.

      • Parameterization of the Page Number and Page Size fields using Pipeline parameters. You can define and use the parameters in these fields using the
        Expression Enabler  icon to pass values during runtime.

Renamed Snap

Renamed the SuccessFactors Snap Pack to SAP SuccessFactors. This does not affect your subscription to this Snap Pack.

Known Issues

  • Expressions used in the Mapper Snap, downstream of any Snowflake Snap, that evaluate to very large values such as EXP(900) are displayed in the input/output previews as Infinity . However, you can see the exact values in the validation previews; hence, ignore this error.

  • Google BigQuery does not support very large exponential values—larger than EXP(700). So, while displaying values of such high exponential order in the validation preview, the Google BigQuery Execute Snap routes to the error view, and displays the
    "Data conversion failed for field f0_(FLOAT) of value Infinity." error.
    The Snap also displays empty output in the preview, which is not expected.

  • Generic JDBC - Select Snap

    • The metadata output in the second output preview is not displayed in table format when your target database is AWS Athena.

    • The suggestions list is not populated for Table name field when your target database is AWS Athena.

  • File Operations Snap

    • This Snap does not support using ABFS protocol with a Windows-based Snaplex.

    • When you use special characters, such as ðø©¢¾A²½µ®÷¶þ~ for Source and Target directory and filenames, the Snap fails and results in the following error as the special characters are not supported.
      Error: Illegal character in fragment at index 71: abfs://bigdataqa@bigdataqassl.dfs.core.windows.net/simplechar/owner!@#$^&()_¢äâêîôûñç¡¿ÉÙËǨ°¸ðø©¢¾A²½µ®§÷¶þ~.json,

    • The format: abfs(s)://filesystem@accountname.endpoint/<path> for file path for Source and Target fields does not work as this URL syntax is not supported. The file protocol must begin with abfs(s):///, else the container, account name, and endpoint are interpolated into the URL at runtime, which results in the following error. 
      Error: Unsupported protocol or URL syntax error in abfs(s)://filesystem@accountname.endpoint/<path>,
      Workaround: Use the supported file protocol and correct URL syntax.

  • Marketo

    • The Bulk Lead Upsert and Bulk Lead Extract Snaps do not display valid error messages when you provide large, empty, null, string, or other invalid values (timeout value that is less, for instance, 10) in the Timeout (seconds) and Number of Retries fields. These Snaps work successfully and do not display any error message when you pass large input data through the Pipeline parameters. However, when you pass large input static data in these fields the Snap displays an error.

    • The Bulk Lead Upsert Snap fails upon parsing data greater than 100000 records.

  • Snowflake

    • Snowflake OAuth2 Account has a maximum validity of the Refresh tokens as 90 days (7776000 seconds). The Snowflake platform does not allow you to get a new refresh token when refreshing the access token for the Snowflake External OAuth.

      Solution: To get a new token after every 90 days you must re authorize your Snowflake account for the token to be valid for the next 90 days. We recommend you to set the oauth_refresh_token_validity to 7776000 seconds as shown below when creating the Security Integration in Snowflake.

      alter integration <integration name> set oauth_refresh_token_validity = 7776000;

Prior 4.27 Snap Dot Releases that are Merged into 4.28 GA

ELT for Cloud Data Platforms

SnapLogic's ELT data solution for cloud data platforms accelerates the identification and integration of new data sources and the migration of data from legacy systems. The solution can automatically detect duplicate, erroneous, or missing data, and identify structures and formats that do not match the data model. Data automation can accelerate the loading and transformation of your data into the data warehouse, speeding up the data-to-decisions process.

New Features in ELT Snap Pack

  • Subquery Pushdown Optimization: SnapLogic now optimizes SQL queries before they are passed to the CDW to ensure the queries are performant and cost-efficient in the respective CDW. An SQL subquery means a query inside a query. Pushdown optimization refers to rewriting these incremental (nested) SQL queries produced in your ELT Pipeline to form a more optimal/performant version.

New ELT Snaps

  • Introduced the following new ELT Snaps:

    • ELT Case Expression: Snap to return the action to perform on an event based on a list of events and respective expected actions.

    • ELT Coalesce: Snap to return the first non-NULL value from a list of arguments.

    • ELT Conditional Functions: Snap to perform unary and binary conditional operations on data.

    • ELT Math Functions: Snap to perform mathematical—arithmetic, logarithmic, trigonometric, exponent, root, rounding, and truncation—operations on data.

ELT Snap Enhancements

  • Enhanced all the expression-enabled fields in ELT Snaps to display suggestions from the Input Schema (emanating from the upstream Snaps) in addition to the existing standard SQL expressions and functions list.

  • Enhanced the ELT Aggregate Snap to support:

    • HAVING clause within GROUP BY clause, when the WHERE clause cannot be used.


    • New aggregate functions for DLP: ANY, SOME, KURTOSIS, and STDDEV.

  • Enhanced the ELT Load Snap to support loading data into BigQuery targets from S3 buckets and Redshift CDW. These load operations use the BigQuery Data Transfer Service (DTS) client libraries and are carried out in asynchronous mode.

  • Enhanced the ELT Load and ELT Insert Select Snaps with a new fieldset Table Options List to support defining the Table Options for creating a new table in your target CDW.

  • Enhanced the ELT Select Snap to support Common Table Expression (CTE)-based SQL queries that contain a WITH clause inside the SQL Query Editor field, when your target CDW is Azure Synapse.

Known Issues

  • When using the ELT SCD2 Snap to load your source data into a Redshift target instance, the Snap fails if you use constant values such as ‘2022-01-01’ or SQL expressions such as GETDATE() and current_time() that evaluate to constant values instead of the target table column names in the Target Table Sort Fields.

  • [This issue is fixed in 428patches15290] When any of the functions in the ELT Math Function Snap encounters an infinity value—while converting the data type of double values to big decimal—the Snap fails during validation with the error Character I is neither a decimal digit number, decimal point, nor "e" notation exponential mark.


New Features

  • Added Webhook support for the Salesforce and HubSpot endpoints. Webhooks enable users to receive notifications (events) when they happen. You can configure events within the Salesforce or HubSpot endpoints and a notification will be sent to SnapLogic when the event occurs.

  • Added two object types for the Marketo endpoint: Get Lead by List Name and Get Campaign by Name.

  • Added two new endpoints:

    • HubSpot: The HubSpot endpoint connects to the CRM platform for marketing, sales, content management, and customer service.

    • Jira (source): The Jira source endpoint connects to Jira’s agile project management software.

  • You can now import/export a Flow from one project space to another.

Auto Data Type Conversion

  • You can now see data types in the filter dropdown when selecting input data in the Filter Source tab of the Data Wrangler.

  • Flows will now automatically suggest data types based on introspection of the preview data. Users can override the data type as needed.


  • The Slack endpoint now has an input box for the Users target type. You can use the dropdown to choose from a list of users.

  • Now when Read from a pipeline is chosen as a source, only Pipelines that are compatible with Flows can be selected.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to map object fields in the Map Destination tab of the Data Wrangler.

  • Fixed an issue where the in-app documentation for the Slack endpoint was not displaying.

  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to select the Column field in the Filter condition tab of the Data Wrangler.