April 2023 Release Notes


The SnapLogic® April 2023 Release includes the following:

API Management

  • Support for generating a Proxy from an OAS specification

  • Ability to create an API from Manager and Designer

  • Support for internal and external publication on the Developer Portal


  • Role-based authentication is available when using AWS Secrets Manager for EC2 instances

  • Snaplex supports IPv6 addresses


  • Support for large messages in an Amazon SNS Account

Doc Enhancements

  • New video: APIM Life Cycle Management

Dot Releases - Platform

Date of Update



Date of Update



Apr 14, 2023

Snaplex build: main-16926 - 4.32 April 2023

Added support for:

  • Role-based authentication when using AWS Secrets Manager for EC2 instances. Learn more.

  • IPv6 in Snaplex. Learn more.

Dot Releases - Snaps

Snap Pack

Date of Update

Snap Pack Version


Snap Pack

Date of Update

Snap Pack Version


Google BigQuery

May 9, 2023


Fixed an intermittent null pointer exception that occurred in the BigQuery Write Snap.


May 9, 2023


Fixed an issue with the Salesforce SOQL and Salesforce Read Snaps where the Match Data Type checkbox selection was not honored if the Salesforce API field was set to Bulk API.


May 9, 2023


  • The default JDBC JAR for the Snowflake Snap Pack is upgraded to version 3.13.28 to support the GEOMETRY data type.

  • Fixed an issue with the Snowflake Multi Execute Snap to enable processing of large amounts of data (more than 2 billion records).

  • Fixed a column mismatch issue that was caused by an assumed null AWS token that could potentially be an empty string.

Microsoft OneDrive

May 8, 2023


Fixed the following issues with the OneDrive Snaps:

  • The Snaps erroneously displayed the permission error when the actual cause was an empty display name in the API.

  • The Snaps failed with a 403 error when selecting a user (in the User field) from the Suggestions list without the User.Read.All permission. Now you can enter the value manually in the User field and proceed with the specific operation you want to perform in OneDrive even if the Suggestions list is not available.


May 4, 2023


Fixed an issue with the ELT SCD2 Snap where the COLLATE column constraint (used in the new target table definition for Snowflake) resulted in an incorrect syntax internally, causing the pipeline to fail. The load operation succeeds with this fix.

Azure SQL

May 4, 2023


Fixed an issue with the connection pool in the Azure SQL accounts, which was affecting the Snap Pack's performance. You should now experience improved performance when using these accounts.


Apr 28, 2023


Fixed an authorization issue that occurs with the Parquet Writer Snap when it receives empty document input.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and SCM

Apr 28, 2023


Added the Dynamics 365 Finance and SCM Create, Update, and Delete Snaps to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management Snap Pack.

API Suite

Apr 27, 2023


  • Fixed an issue with the HTTP Client Snap that caused encoding of spaces in the query portion of a URL with a plus sign (+) instead of percent-encoding (%). This fix changes the default behavior to percent-encoding through the Use form encoding for spaces checkbox, which is deselected by default. Select this checkbox to enable the Snap to encode any space characters in query parameters using the plus sign (+).

  • Updated the HTTP Client Snap to stop sending unnecessary headers in GET requests that do not have a defined entity.

SAP Concur

Apr 25, 2023


Introduced the SAP Concur Snap Pack. This Snap Pack contains the following Snaps and Account:


Apr 24, 2023


The Marketo Bulk Extract Snap works successfully in the non-lineage path in an Ultra task.


Apr 17, 2023


The Redshift Account no longer encounters a failure when a URL is entered in the JDBC URL field without specifying a driver.


Apr 17, 2023


Improved the performance of the COBOL Copybook Parser Snap when parsing large COBOL copybook files.


Apr 17, 2023


Fixed an issue with the Encrypt Field Snap, where the Snap failed to support an RSA public key to encrypt a message or field. Now the Snap supports the RSA public key to encrypt a message or field.

Exchange Online

Apr 17, 2023


Fixed an issue with the Microsoft Exchange Online OAuth2 User and Exchange Online OAuth2 Application accounts that caused 401 unauthorized errors when updating the access tokens.


Apr 17, 2023


  • Fixed the storage issue with the JCC output file caused by the cyclic import of WSDL warning logs by SOAP Snaps.

  • The performance of the SOAP Execute Snap has been enhanced by reducing the need for multiple WSDL downloads and parsing to obtain the same Description.


Apr 13, 2023


Fixed an issue where the ZipFile Read and ZipFIle Write Snaps failed to display the input schema for the File or File name field when using an expression.

API Management

New Features

  • Support for generating a Proxy from an OAS 2.0/3.0 specification. When you create a Proxy, you can upload the specification or reference one through a URL. You can also create an empty proxy to define later.


  • The Developer Portal now supports internal and external publication for APIs. When you publish an API and select the Internal - private option, only Org members can view the API on the Developer Portal. All existing published APIs are external and visible to all Developer Portal users.



  • As an API admin, you can now configure notifications when API consumers request subscriptions to your APIs.


  • API developers can now apply API policies to their projects and Project Space shared folders. Previously, only Org admins could see the Manage API Policy option.

  • In the Manager > Activity Log, the API tab is renamed to APIM. Additionally, the APIM Activity Log includes a new Pending status.

  • The following labels are changed in the User Management > Permissions tab dialogs:

    • The User/Group heading is changed to username or group.

    • The Permissions tab Status heading is changed to Access.

Changes in Behavior

  • In the Assets tab of an API Version, these asset fields - Task name, Pipeline, Pipeline parameters, and Task run policy - can no longer be edited when referenced by a published API. You must unpublish the API to modify any of its assets. Learn more.

  • Proxies do not require URLs in their endpoints.

Fixed Issues

  • The Public API to migrate the API version contains a new parameter that fixes the issue where Version Assets, such as Pipelines and Tasks, would disappear from the Version Assets tab during an interrupted migrate operation. The new async_mode parameter is set to True by default.


To use the features and enhancements mentioned in this section, ensure that your Org’s Snaplex is upgraded in Manager to main-16926 - 4.32 April 2023.

New Features

  • Role-based authentication is available when using AWS Secrets Manager for EC2 instances. Learn more.

  • Snaplex supports IPv6 addresses. When you migrate a Groundplex to Kubernetes, update the Snaplex global jcc.ip_filter_type parameter to the value ALLOW_IPV6_ONLY. This enables the Snaplex to process the IPv6 addresses. Learn more.


  • The Time Zone field in the Scheduled Task dialog features a list of more than 500 time zones to choose from.

Changes in Behavior

  • Previously, AWS Secrets Manager was automatically activated if HashiCorp was already activated. Starting with this release, each must be activated independently.


The Snaps mentioned in this section are deployed on the Latest distribution type. To access the updated Snap Packs, your Org admin must select the mentioned Snap Pack version in Manager > Snap Packs.


  • The Amazon SNS Account supports publishing messages larger than 256 KB using the Enable large message support checkbox. When you select this checkbox, the Snap displays S3-related properties enabling you to read from and publish messages in the Amazon S3 bucket. (432patches20327)

  • The Azure Synapse SQL Account and Azure Synapse SQL Active Directory Account now support the latest JDBC Driver 12.2.0.jre11 by default. You do not have to manually upload the JAR file in the JDBC Driver field. (432patches20389)

  • The Hive Snap Pack is certified with the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP - Public Cloud 7.2.x).

  • The Join Snap is enhanced with the following (432patches20446):

    • The Pipeline Execution Statistics of the Join Snap now has a status message that displays the parameters - Free disk space, Available memory, and Average document size.

    • The internal sort buffer size is reduced to a minimum of 10 MB when the available memory in the node becomes lower than 500 MB to avoid the out-of-memory crash.

    • The internal sort buffer size is restored to its original size when the available memory becomes larger than 2 GB.

    • Error handling has been improved for the out of disk space on node error to make it more user-friendly. The error message now provides more clarity in terms of the type of error, the reason, and the resolution. The updated error message now provides clear guidance for users, as shown below:
      Reason: Insufficient free disk space available to stage sort data into temporary files.
      Resolution:  Increase the amount of free disk space and try again.

  • The Display null or empty values as null checkbox in the following Salesforce Snaps enable you to control the display of empty strings and null data as null in the output preview (432patches20393):

  • Sort Snap: (432patches20250)

    • The Maximum memory unit dropdown list in this Snap now enables you to better manage the memory in the Snap.

    • You can choose a unit, percentage (%), or MB from the dropdown list for better memory control.

    • The Maximum memory % field is revised to Maximum memory.

Known Issues

  • Due to a driver bug, Snowflake JDBC driver versions 3.13.22 and later may cause the Snowflake Multi Execute Snap to fail with an error when the number of rows updated by an executed query exceeds 2.1 billion. For such large update queries, we recommend that you use Snowflake JDBC driver version 3.13.21 or earlier.

Fixed Issues

  • The OpenAPI Snaps now support reference components with . in the component's name. (432patches20357)

  • The PostgreSQL - Bulk Load and PostgreSQL - Insert Snaps no longer fail with the message ERROR: type modifier is not allowed for type 'bytea' when creating a new table if Create table if not present is selected and the target table does not exist. This issue occurred when metadata from the second input view document contained columns of the bytea data type. (432patches20409)

  • Fixed an issue with the Snowflake - Bulk Load Snap that resulted in lowercase (or mixed case) column names when creating a new table under specific conditions. The new Create table with uppercase column names checkbox addresses this issue. (432patches20266)

  • Fixed an issue where the JMS Producer Snap was previously only writes headers to the WebLogic queue. Now the Snap writes the entire document. (432patches20479)

Doc Enhancements

New Doc Site

Visit the new doc site to learn about:

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