April 2024 Release Notes



The SnapLogic April 2024 Release includes the following:

API Management

  • New public API to approve, deny, and view pending user IDs


  • Remove a table that fails to load from a data pipeline with one click

Documentation Updates

  • A video that demonstrates how to configure a Workday account and execute a WorkdayQL query

GenAI Builder

  • Added the Amazon Bedrock LLM Snap Pack


  • A new Activity logs page is available to admin users


  • Add user to Org API allows users to be added to an Org

  • Export/Import individual asset API has the ability to export/import and list individual assets


  • The Azure SQL Bulk Extract Snap now supports the Azure SQL Active Directory and Azure SQL Active Directory Dynamic Accounts

  • Added the MongoDB Execute Snap to the MongoDB Snap Pack

  • Added the NetSuite Add List and NetSuite Async Add List Snaps to the NetSuite SOAP Snap Pack

  • Added support for XML and spatial types (Geography and Geometry) for the SQL Server Snap Pack

Dot Releases - Platform









Apr 10, 2024


main-23500 - 4.36 Patch 6

Fixed an issue with Open Telemetry where reported data was delayed up to an hour.

Mar 21, 2024


API Policies Snap Pack version: 436patches25626

After the March release, the JWT Validator policy is updated to automatically detect the signing algorithm using the JWT token's header and key. Previously, you had to select the HSA algorithm manually via the Signing Algorithm field. This policy only supports RSA, HSA, and ECDSA-signed keys.

Mar 13, 2024


main-22988 - 4.36 Patch 2

Fixed issues with the APIM HTTP Retry and HTTP Response Cache policies.

Dot Releases - Snaps

Snap Pack

Date of Update

Snap Pack Version


Snap Pack

Date of Update

Snap Pack Version



May 1, 2024


Added the following Snap to the MongoDB Snap Pack:

  • MongoDB - Atlas Vector Search: Performs advanced vector-based queries, such as Similarity searches, Approximate Nearest Neighbor (ANN) queries, and Range queries on vector data stored in MongoDB Atlas.

Google Directory

Apr 29, 2024


Enhanced the Google Directory Read Snap with an On empty result dropdown list that enables you to select the Snap behavior when no matching filter value is found.


Apr 26, 2024


Fixed an issue with Oracle - Bulk Load Snap that intermittently displayed a null pointer exception.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and SCM

Apr 26, 2024


Fixed an issue with the Dynamics 365 Finance and SCM Bulk Export Snap that displayed the error message twice when:

  • Operation is Trigger Export

  • Definition group ID is incorrect

  • When error occurs  is Stop Pipeline Execution (Views tab)

SQL Server

Apr 24, 2024


  • Fixed an issue with the SQL Server Snap Pack that displayed an error when numeric values with scale 0 were inserted into the database with DECIMAL or NUMERIC type columns, instead of inserting the value with decimal digits truncated.

  • Fixed an issue with the SQL Server Snap Pack that displayed an error when fractional numeric values (numbers with a decimal point) were inserted into the database with an INT type column, instead of inserting the value with decimal digits truncated.

Amazon Bedrock LLM

Apr 24, 2024


  • Added the Anthropic Claude on AWS Messages Snap to the Amazon Bedrock LLM Snap Pack. This Snap generates message responses using the specified Anthropic Claude model and model parameters.

  • The Amazon Bedrock Snap Pack now supports Anthropic Claude 3 models. It enables you to leverage features such as text and code generation, highly accurate output responses, and large-size context window.

NetSuite SOAP




Apr 23, 2024


Upgraded Apache CXF from version 3.4.2 to 3.6.3 to prevent vulnerability issues.

NetSuite SOAP

Apr 23, 2024


Updated the default and maximum batch size for NetSuite Add List and NetSuite Async Add List Snaps as follows:
NetSuite Add List:
Default batch size: 100
Maximum batch size: 200

NetSuite Async Add List:
Default batch size: 200
Maximum batch size: 400


Apr 22, 2024


Fixed a performance issue in the Copy Item Snap, which previously resulted in a nameAlreadyExists error when the Snap retried because of a connection reset.

NetSuite REST

Apr 19, 2024


Increased the default Read timeout value for NetSuite REST Snaps from 60 to 300 seconds. This update supports longer-running operations and prevents early disconnections for complex data processing tasks.


Apr 17, 2024


Fixed an issue with the OpenAPI Snap where the upstream Mapper Snap did not show the full schema objects in the Target Schema.


Apr 12, 2024


Enhanced the ELT Load Snap’s capabilities to allow loading flat and nested data sets (from canonical and non-canonical formats) from your Parquet files to the target tables in Snowflake. Learn more about the usage of this feature at Load data from Parquet files and in the following example Pipelines:


Apr 11, 2024


Fixed an SMB (server message block) connectivity issue within the Binary Snap Pack, as the incorrect name provided by the SMB client did not match the Windows cluster virtual name, affecting the SPN (service principal name) connection.

API Management

New Features

  • A new public API now lists pending users for the Developer Portal and provides the ability to approve or deny their membership.


  • The copy asset operation for API Versions now adds all Project Spaces and subfolders to the source folder picker. Previously, you had to copy the assets to the global shared folder first, then do the copy operation in APIM.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where the Migrate Proxy Public API migrated Subscriptions, causing errors in the destination Org when using the Proxy.

  • Fixed an issue where the GIT Discard Changes Public API did not work and resulted in an HTTP 400 response.

  • Fixed an issue with the Create API from existing assets workflow where the correct account type was not recognized.


New Features

  • AutoSync now gives you the option to remove tables that failed to load from the data pipeline. Such failures can occur when a table has been removed from the source or for other reasons. Re-run the integration to make sure the issues have been resolved. Learn more.

Fixed Issues

  • For the MySQL target endpoint, columns with the TIME datatype now have the correct precision. To take advantage of this fix, you need to use the latest MySQL Snap Pack version.

  • For the ServiceNow source endpoint, AutoSync can now load tables from the global scope and the private application scope. When you select tables, AutoSync populates the list with the first 2000 tables from your ServiceNow account. Use search to find tables that don't display on the list.

  • The preview data in the data pipeline wizard now refreshes correctly when you navigate forward or back through the transformation screens.

  • For CSV file loads with type inference enabled, AutoSync treats empty strings as null values.

  • Data pipelines loading to Google BigQuery using SCD2 no longer incorrectly report an error for successful loads. Previously, this error only occurred when loading to a single region dataset when the credentials specified a location.

Known Issues

  • Records can be updated incorrectly in a data pipeline using Incremental load with a Snowflake target if the credentials were created in AutoSync Manager or Classic Manager and they do not specify a Timezone Url Property. Without this property, the timestamp in the source and target can differ. Credentials created in AutoSync handle this automatically so that Incremental load works correctly.
    Workaround: To create Snowflake credentials in AutoSync Manager or Classic Manager, in the Advanced Properties section, click + to add a Url Property. Enter Timezone as the name and UTC as the value.

  • To use accounts created in Classic Manager or Designer for the following endpoints, you must add an AutoSync-specific tag in the Info tab of the account:

    • Gainsight PX: autosync_gainsightpx

    • HTTP client: autosync_httpclient

    • Zendesk: autosync_zendesk

Documentation Updates


  • The information on configuring SSO in Classic Manager and Admin Manager has been improved. It also now describes how to configure SSO for multiple environments (Orgs).

Content Published on New Documentation Site

You can find the following content on docs.snaplogic.com:

Information on how to configure Cloudplexes and Groundplexes in Classic Manager is available on Confluence.


GenAI Builder


New Features

  • Enhanced user-friendly Activity Log interface to effectively track changes across user accounts, assets, policies, and other critical components. Learn more.


  • Notifications by email that include runtime information on pipeline execution now include a clickable link that opens the Monitor Execution overview record for that execution.

  • Labels in Metrics charts and the corresponding documentation have been improved. Learn more.

  • The search results in the Execution overview now include both parent and child executions when either of them matches the search criteria. The parent-child hierarchy is not preserved when you group the table by pipeline or task.

Known Issues

  • The Activity log subscriptions and unsubscription events are tracked by the Environment (Org) admin under the All filter in Admin Manager.


New Features

  • Added a public API to add users to an environment (Org). Learn more

  • Added public APIs to export or import individual assets.


The Activity Log tracks subscriptions, unsubscription events, and Snap Pack version updates. Learn more

Fixed Issues

  • All the existing Snaplex node cpu load avg notifications are now enabled. This issue was fixed after the Snaplex Mandatory Automatic Upgrade, completed on Saturday, Mar 16, 2024.

  • Fixed a UI issue for an existing node cpu load avg notification which was disabled earlier.


The Snaps mentioned in this section are deployed on the Latest distribution type. To access the updated Snap Packs, an Org admin must select the Snap Pack version in Manager > Snap Packs.


The Azure Active Directory Snaps and Accounts will be renamed to Microsoft Entra ID because Microsoft has rebranded Azure Active Directory to Microsoft Entra ID.

New Snaps/Accounts


  • Upgraded the jOOQ library of the Azure Synapse SQL and Cassandra Snap Packs from v3.9.1 to v3.17.x. These upgrades are deployed as the latest distribution (436patches25597) on April 10, 2024, and will be part of the stable distribution with the GA release on May 8, 2024.

  • The Azure SQL Bulk Extract Snap now supports the Azure SQL Active Directory and Azure SQL Active Directory Dynamic Accounts.

  • Enhanced the HTTP Client Snap to optimize memory usage by accumulating the Request History objects only when you select the Enable debug checkbox. Now, the Snap displays only debug information and lint warnings (in both the Error and Output views) when you select the Enable debug checkbox.

  • Enhanced the JWT Account to support Secret key authentication.

  • Enhanced the NetSuite REST Snap Pack to optimize memory usage for long-running pipelines.

  • Enhanced the Salesforce Bulk Create, Bulk Delete, Bulk Update, and Salesforce Bulk Upsert Snaps to include the complete error details under the original object that contains the copies of the failed input records.

  • Enhanced the Snowflake Bulk Load Snap to fetch the file format types based on the selected Datasource. When the Datasource is Input view, the Snap supports only CSV and NONE file format types (as a Suggestions list).

  • Updated the Snowflake Bulk Upsert Snap to support only CSV and NONE file format types (as a Suggestions list).

  • Added support for XML and spatial types (Geography and Geometry) for the SQL Server Snap Pack.

Behavior Changes

  • The jOOQ upgrade for the Azure Synapse SQL and Cassandra Snap Packs from v3.9.1 to v3.17.x resulted in the following behavior changes:

Snap Pack

Behavior Change

Snap Pack

Behavior Change

Azure Synapse SQL

  • Previously, when “null”(string) was passed from the upstream Mapper Snap for the Bigint datatype, the Azure Synapse SQL Update Snap updated it as null without displaying any error. It displayed the status as 0 and the output message as Success. Now, the Snap displays the following error in this scenario:
    Error converting value (expecting a number but you are sending String(“null”))


  • Previously, when TTL (time to live) was queried using a Select statement without specifying it during data insertion or update, the Cassandra Snaps would display '0'. Now, they return 'null' in these cases.

  • Previously, the null values were stored as ‘0' in the INT datatype columns, now, they are stored as 'null'.

  • As part of the jOOQ upgrade done in main25112, the SQL Server - Insert Snap displayed the following error when an empty string was inserted into an integer-type column:
    Caused by: java.lang.NumberFormatException: Character n is neither a decimal digit number, decimal point, nor "e" notation exponential mark
    Now, the Snap inserts a null value in this scenario.

  • As part of 436patches25696, when you use a stored procedure in the Oracle - Execute Snap, the Snap now displays Message: Success and $UPDATE_COUNT=-1, 0, or 1 (specific to the Snap Pack) in the output.

Fixed Issues

  • Anaplan: (436patches25571)

    • Removed case sensitivity on values for the Action name field in the Anaplan Action Snap.

    • Removed case sensitivity on values for the Workspace and Model fields for all the Anaplan Snaps.

  • Copybook: (main171)

    • Fixed a null pointer error in all the Copybook Snaps.

    • Fixed an issue in structure options in the COBOL Copybook Parser Snap.

  • Fixed an issue with the Google Directory Read Snap that displayed a null pointer exception when the Filter attributes field set was configured with key-value entries. (436patches25581)

  • Fixed a memory management issue in the HDFS Writer, HDFS ZipFile Writer, ORC Writer, and Parquet Writer Snaps, which previously caused out-of-memory errors when multiple Snaps were used in the pipeline. The Snap now conducts a pre-allocation memory check, dynamically adjusting the write buffer size based on available memory resources when writing to ADLS. (436patches25902)

  • Fixed an issue with the JSON Formatter Snap that generated incorrect schema. (436patches25564)

  • MySQL: (436patches25659)

    • Fixed an issue with the MySQL - Multi Execute Snap that committed the changes when the Snap was expected to roll back if any query failed and the Number of Retries was more than 0. The Snap now performs a rollback when one or more queries fail.

    • Fixed an issue with the MySQL - Insert Snap that displayed an error when you inserted values such as 128 or more in the Tinyint unsigned datatype when the datatype must accept all the values in the range of 0-255.

    • Fixed an issue with the MySQL - Insert  Snap that failed to store the Time datatype with precision in the target table when passed from an upstream Mapper Snap in string or Date-only format.

  • Fixed an issue with the NetSuite Upsert Snap that displayed a null pointer exception when the account had insufficient permissions. Now the Snap displays a configuration exception when the customFieldRecord is null. (436patches25801)

  • Oracle: (436patches25696)

    • Fixed an issue with the Oracle - Bulk Load Snap to handle the type definition of nvarchar and nchar data types by defining them in the control file of the SQL loader.

    • Fixed an issue with the Oracle - Bulk Load Snap that incorrectly incremented the year part of the DATE datatype for specific datasets.

    • Fixed an issue with the Oracle - Merge Snap that did not handle the timestamp conversion correctly when the time was not in the hh:mm format and had single digits (for example, 1:9) in the timestamp.

    • The Oracle - Execute Snap displays both the status and the message in the output when you call stored procedures.

  • Fixed an issue with the Pipeline Execute Snap where output documents were not being read. (436patches25576)

  • SQL Server:

    • Fixed an issue with the SQL Server - Insert Snap that previously displayed an error when attempting to insert a true or false value into a TinyInt datatype. The Snap now correctly inserts 1 or 0 for true or false in the table, respectively. (436patches25757)

    • Fixed an issue with the SQL Server - Insert Snap that displayed an error when an empty or blank string was passed as a value to an integer-type column. (436patches25548)



  • The expression-enabled fields in Snap dialogs display a placeholder text, Explain your expression and click SnapGPT icon, which prompts user input. SnapGPT then suggests expressions to match your use case.