Exchange Online OAuth2 Application Account

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Use this account type to connect Exchange Online Snaps with data sources that use Exchange Online OAuth2 Application accounts.


Valid OAuth2 application with all the required API permissions



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Account Settings

ParameterData TypeDescriptionDefault ValueExample 

Required. Unique user-provided label for the account.

N/AExchange Online OAuth2 Application Account
Client IDString

RequiredEnter the client ID associated with your OAUth2 application. You can create the client ID as advised by your application provider. Refer Application Configuration in Azure Portal for OAuth2 Account to use in Exchange

Client secretStringEnter the client secret associated with your account. You can create the client secret as advised by your application provider. Refer Application Configuration in Azure Portal for OAuth2 Account to use in ExchangeN/A
Access tokenStringAuto-generated after authorization. The access token associated with the OAuth2 application is used to make API requests on behalf of the user associated with the client ID.N/A
Access token expirationIntegerAuto-generated after authorization. The access token expiration value. N/A
OAuth2 TokenString

Required. Enter the token endpoint to obtain the access token. Replace the tenant ID placeholder with the tenant ID generated while creating OAuth2 application.<tenant-id>/oauth2/v2.0/token
Token endpoint config

Use this fieldset to provide custom properties for the OAuth2 token endpoint. Click the + or - icons to respectively add or remove configuration rows. Click + to add a row

This fieldset comprises the following fields:

  • Token endpoint parameter
  • Token endpoint parameter value
Token endpoint parameterStringDefine an optional token endpoint parameter value.N/Ascope
Token endpoint parameter valueStringEnter the value associated with the optional endpoint parameter.N/AContacts.ReadWrite


Authentication failed.You have entered an incorrect Client ID or Client secret.Check and ensure that you have provided the correct and valid Client ID and Client secret for the account and allowed the required access privileges to the application. 
Error in Authorization: Something went wrong when authorizing this app. Invalid client_id parameter.You have entered an incorrect Client ID.Check and correct the Client ID entered for the account and try authorizing the app again.

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