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Use this Snap to search Exchange Online user emails matching the provided keyword.


  • Valid Exchange Online tenant.
  • Valid OAUth2 application in Azure Active Directory with all the required API permissions.

Support for Ultra Pipelines

Works in Ultra Pipelines



Known Issues


Snap Input and Output

Type of View
Number of Views
Examples of Upstream and Downstream Snaps


  • Min: 0
  • Max: 1
  • Mapper
  • Copy Snap
  • JSON Parser
Requires the Email Folder and Search Keyword along with number of messages to be fetched.


  • Min: 0
  • Max: 1
  • Send Email
  • Mapper

Retrieves and fetches you the emails .

Snap Settings

Parameter Name
Data Type
Default Value
Required. The name for the Snap. You can modify this to be more specific, especially if you have more than one of the same Snap in your Pipeline.
Search Email Search Email 
User/Shared MailBoxString

Enter the mailbox from which you want to search email. If not provided, then the mailbox specified in the account settings is used. 

Email FolderStringRequired. Enter the name of the email folder where you want to search for the email.ALLSent Items
Search KeywordStringRequired. Enter a keyword to enhance your search. This will help to narrow down and make your search more precise. Click more information.N/Afrom:
Number Of Messages To FetchNumericSpecify the maximum number of messages to be retrieved. If blank, it fetches all messages.N/A32
Snap ExecutionString

Select one of the three following modes in which the Snap executes:

  • Validate & Execute. Performs limited execution of the Snap and generates a data preview during Pipeline validation, then performs full execution of the Snap (unlimited records) during Pipeline runtime.
  • Execute only. Performs full execution of the Snap during Pipeline execution without generating preview data.
  • Disabled. Disables the Snap and all Snaps downstream from it.

Execute onlyDisabled


Provide Search Keyword FieldMissing Search Keyword field.Ensure you provide input in Search Keyword field.


Search and mark an email as read

We use an example where we are going to search for an email from an individual's mailbox with required inputs and mark it as read.

In this example, our Pipeline activities are as follows:

  1. Searching and email using  Search Email Snap.
  2. Marking an email as read using Mark Email As Read Snap.

Here, let us look into the role of Search Event Snap in this Pipeline.

Search Email Snap

Upon execution, we see an output with the retrieved email.

Here, let us look into the role of Mark Email As Read Snap in this Pipeline.

We mark an email as read. Lets provide input in the Snap Settings and look at the output.

Mark Email As Read Snap

Download this Pipeline. 


Important Steps to Successfully Reuse Pipelines

  1. Download and import the Pipeline into SnapLogic.
  2. Configure Snap accounts as applicable.
  3. Provide Pipeline parameters as applicable.

  File Modified

File Search Email. Mark Email as Read.slp

Nov 15, 2020 by Siddharth Menon

Snap Pack History

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Snap Pack Version 




September 2022430patches18099 Latest
  • The User.Read.All permission is now not mandatory in the Exchange Online OAuth2 User Account while reading and sending messages and creating events. Even if you do not provide this permission, the account does not encounter Access Denied (403) error.
    The User.Read permission fetches only the current user details.
  • The Send Email Snap supports sending the HTML Table in the email body using the following fields:
    • HTML Table option under Email type

    • Table Data Path

    • Batch Size 

  • Enhancements in the Exchange Online Read Email Snap:

    • The Snap now downloads the inline attachments correctly when you select the Download attachments checkbox.

    • The Snap now shows the email folder suggestions and includes the subfolder names successfully by prefixing the parent folder name with the delimiter ('/').

August 2022main17386 StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.29main15993 StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.28main14627 StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.





Upgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.26main11181 StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.25 Patch425patches10994 Latest

Improved the Exchange Online Snap Pack to handle authentication token errors and acquire new tokens and improved the error messages in the Create Event Snap where the Snap fails with Null Pointer Exception when the account reference provided is invalid.

StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.

Fixed an issue of the conflict of users' having similar email IDs by accepting only the first user’s email ID returned by the API and ignoring the duplicate ones.

4.24main8556 StableNo updates made.
4.23 main7430 Stable

Initial release of the Snap Pack with the following Snaps and Accounts:



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