Designer Toolbar

From September 2022 onward, use Manager to move and delete your Pipelines.

The Designer toolbar includes these buttons:

The following table describes the controls:





Execute Pipeline

Execute the Pipeline.

Validate Pipeline

Validate the pipeline. Any unsaved changes will be saved before validation. Clicking the button while a validation is in process cancels that validation. Shift-clicking the button will clear the cache before validating.

Edit Pipeline Properties

You specify properties when creating a Pipeline. Click this button to modify the properties.


Check Pipeline Statistics

As a Pipeline executes, the statistics are updated periodically so that you can monitor its progress.

Create Task

Create a Task for the current Pipeline.

Save Pipeline

Save the Pipeline.

Export Pipeline

Export the pipeline.

Copy Pipeline

Copy the Pipeline from one project to another.

Move Pipeline

Move the Pipeline from one project to another.

Delete Pipeline


Pipeline Versions

Create versions of the Pipeline.

Compare Pipeline

Compare the current Pipeline with the target Pipeline.


Add a note or delete an existing note. Notes are saved with the Pipelne.


Print the Pipeline.