Viewing Pipeline APIs in Swagger

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You can download Ultra Tasks and Triggered Tasks in your SnapLogic pipelines as REST APIs in the .yaml file format. The API files conform with the Open API specifications and are viewable in Swagger in a human-readable format. 

Downloading the Open API file


You must have write permissions for a project; otherwise, the Open API menu option is disabled.


  1. In the SnapLogic Manager, browse to your project folder that has the pipelines for which you want to download the Open API .yaml and .json files.

    The downloaded API consists of all the Ultra and Triggered tasks in the selected project.

  2. Click the project folder and select Open API to download the related API.

  3. Select the download format (.yaml or .json) and select the tasks you want to include. You can exclude tasks by deselecting them from the list.

    The .yaml and .json files have the Swagger specs of all the tasks across pipelines in the said project folder.

  4. You can view the downloaded API (.yaml or .json) file in any text editor or the Swagger editor.


The following table lists the possible errors and solutions while downloading the .yaml or .json Open API file.

No triggered or ultra tasks found in projectCreate at least one working triggered or ultra task for a pipeline in the project folder
No node available for the selected SnaplexThe associated Snaplex in the task must have at least one running node
Pipeline not found for IDA task must be part of a pipeline in the project
Cannot find plex for runtime pathThe selected Snaplex must be available while creating the task
Permission denied 

The SnapLogic user must have either Read and Write, Full Access, or Owner permission to create an Open API file

Validation errorsThere should be no validation errors in the pipelines of the said project folder

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