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Use this Snap to bulk load data into PostgreSQL tables. If the target table does not exist in PostgreSQL, you also have the provision to create the table.

This Snap supports both binary and document inputs. You can configure the input view in the Views tab.  

Additionally, this Snap supports a maximum of two input streams which is useful in sending table schema to the Snap if the target table does not exist. You can mix and match binary and document input views based on the input type.



Support for Ultra Pipelines

Does not work in Ultra Pipelines


If the target table does not exist and the input is binary, the Snap does not fetch the table's schema from the input. The table's schema must be passed to the Snap through the second input view. 



Snap Input and Output

Input/OutputType of ViewNumber of ViewsCompatible Upstream and Downstream SnapsDescription
  • Document
  • Binary
  • Min: 1
  • Max: 2
  • Mapper Snap
  • Copy Snap
  • File Reader
  • PostgreSQL Select

The data to be loaded into the PostgreSQL table. This Snap has one document input view by default.

A second view can be added for metadata for the table as a binary or document stream so that the target absent table can be created in the database with a similar schema as the source table. This schema is usually from the output of a database Select Snap.

If the schema is from a different database, there is no guarantee that all the data types will be properly handled.

  • Min: 0
  • Max: 1
  • JSON Formatter + File writer

The Snap outputs one document specifying the status, with the records count that are being inserted into the table. Any error occurring during the process is routed to the error view.

Snap Settings

Field NameField DependencyDescription

Specify the name for the account. We recommend you to update the account name, if there is more than one account in your project.

Default Value: N/A
ExampleLoad Employee Data

Schema name


Specify the database schema name in PostgreSQL. In case it is not defined, then the suggestion for the Table name retrieves all table names of all schemas. The property is suggestible and will retrieve available database schemas during suggest values.

Default Value: N/A

Table name*N/A

Specify the PostgreSQL table on which to execute the bulk load operation.

Default Value: N/A

Create table if not presentN/A

Select this checkbox to automatically create the target table if it does not exist.

  • If a second input view is configured for the Snap and it contains a document with schema (metadata) of the source table, the Snap creates the new (target) table using the same schema (metadata). However, if the schema comes from a different database, the Snap might fail with Unable to create table: "<table_name>" error due to data type incompatibility.
  • In the absence of a second input view (the schema/metadata document), the Snap creates a table based on the data types of the columns generated from the first row of the input document (first input view).

Due to implementation details, a newly created table is not visible to subsequent database Snaps during runtime validation. If you wish to immediately use the newly updated data you must use a child Pipeline that is invoked through a Pipeline Execute Snap.

Default Value: Not selected
Example: N/A


Specify the columns to be loaded/copied. If you do not configure this field set, then all columns in the input data stream are loaded into the target table. You can also set how the null values should be handled for each column.

  • Column order is critical when using the binary input view.
  • Force Non-Null and Force Null can both be selected simultaneously. In such cases, the Snap converts quoted null strings to null values and unquoted null strings to empty strings.

Default Value: N/A
ExampleLoad Employee Data


Specify the name of the column/field. This is a suggestible field and lists all field names in the input.

Default Value: N/A

Force Non-NullN/A

Select this check box to not match the selected column's value against the null string. The Snap reads empty null strings as zero-length strings rather than nulls, even when they are not quoted.

Default Value: Not selected
Example: N/A

 Force NullN/A

Select this check box to match the selected column value against the null string, even if it has been quoted. If a match is found, the field value is set to NULL.

By default, where the null string is empty, the Snap converts a quoted empty string into NULL.

Default Value: Not selected
Example: N/A


Choose the data format to be written. This field is applicable only when using the binary input view. 

  • Text - tab-separated-values (default)
  • CSV - comma-separated-values
  • Binary - PostgreSQL specific format

Default ValueText

Header ProvidedN/A

Select this check box to include the input data has a header. Applicable only when using binary input view and CSV option in the Format field.

Default Value: Not selected
Example: N/A


Choose the encoding to be used. This is limited to the encodings supported by the PostgreSQL server. The available options are:

  • ABC
  • ALT
  • BIG5
  • EUC_CN
  • EUC_JIS_2004
  • EUC_JP
  • EUC_KR
  • EUC_TW
  • GB18030
  • GBK
  • ISO88591
  • ISO885910
  • ISO885913
  • ISO885914
  • ISO885915
  • ISO885916
  • ISO88592
  • ISO88593
  • ISO88594
  • ISO88599
  • ISO_8859_5
  • ISO_8859_6
  • ISO_8859_7
  • ISO_8859_8
  • KOI8
  • KOI8R
  • KOI8U
  • LATIN1
  • LATIN2
  • LATIN3
  • LATIN4
  • LATIN5
  • LATIN7
  • LATIN9
  • Mskanji
  • SHIFT_JIS_2004
  • SJIS
  • ShiftJIS
  • TCVN
  • TCVN5712
  • UHC
  • UTF8
  • Unicode
  • WIN
  • WIN1250
  • WIN1251
  • WIN1252
  • WIN1253
  • WIN1254
  • WIN1255
  • WIN1256
  • WIN1257
  • WIN1258
  • WIN866
  • WIN874
  • WIN932
  • WIN936
  • WIN949
  • WIN950
  • Windows932
  • Windows936
  • Windows949
  • Windows950

Default ValueUTF8
Example: Unicode

Snap ExecutionN/A

Select one of the three modes in which the Snap executes. Available options are:

  • Validate & Execute: Performs limited execution of the Snap, and generates a data preview during Pipeline validation. Subsequently, performs full execution of the Snap (unlimited records) during Pipeline runtime.
  • Execute only: Performs full execution of the Snap during Pipeline execution without generating preview data.
  • Disabled: Disables the Snap and all Snaps that are downstream from it.

Default ValueExecute only
ExampleValidate & Execute

See Also

Snap Pack History

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Release Snap Pack VersionDateType  Updates
4.27main12833 Stable

Enhanced the PostgreSQL - Execute Snap to invoke stored procedures.

4.26main11181 StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.25 Patch425patches9879 Latest

Enhanced the performance of PostgreSQL - Bulk Load Snap significantly. SnapLogic anticipates that the Snap will execute up to 3 times faster than the previous version for enterprise workloads.

StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.

Enhanced the PostgreSQL - Select Snap to return only the selected output fields or columns in the output schema (second output view) using the Fetch Output Fields In Schema check box. If the Output Fields field is empty all the columns are visible. 

StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.

4.22 Patch

422patches6879 Latest

Fixed the PostgreSQL - Bulk Load Snap by preventing it from adding extra double quotes when loading values from input documents.

StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.21 Patch421patches6272 Latest

Fixed the issue where Snowflake SCD2 Snap generates two output documents despite no changes to Cause-historization fields with DATE, TIME and TIMESTAMP Snowflake data types, and with Ignore unchanged rows field selected.

4.21 Patch

421patches6144 Latest

Fixed the following issues with DB Snaps:

  • The connection thread waits indefinitely causing the subsequent connection requests to become unresponsive.
  • Connection leaks occur during Pipeline execution.

4.21 Patch

MULTIPLE8841 Latest

Fixed the connection issue in Database Snaps by detecting and closing open connections after the Snap execution ends. 



StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.19 Patch db/postgres8409 Latest

Fixed an issue with the PostgreSQL - Update Snap wherein the Snap is unable to perform operations when:

  • An expression is used in the Update condition property.
  • Input data contain the character '?'.

Added new Snap PostgresSQL Bulk Load.

4.18 Patchpostgres8021 Latest

Fixed an issue with the PostgreSQL grammar to better handle the single quote characters.

StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.17 Patch db/postgres7588 Latest

Fixed an issue with tables sharing an overlapping column name wherein Pipeline execution fails due to the table collision.


Pushed automatic rebuild of the latest version of each Snap Pack to SnapLogic UAT and Elastic servers.

  • Fixed an issue with the PostgreSQL Execute Snap wherein the Snap would send the input document to the output view even if the Pass through field is not selected in the Snap configuration. With this fix, the Snap sends the input document to the output view, under the key original, only if you select the Pass through field.
  • Added the Snap Execution field to all Standard-mode Snaps. In some Snaps, this field replaces the existing Execute during preview check box.
4.16 Patch db/postgres6822 Latest

Fixed an issue with the Lookup Snap passing data simultaneously to output and error views when some values contained spaces at the end.

StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.15 Patch db/postgres6333 Latest

Replaced Max idle time and Idle connection test period properties with Max life time and Idle Timeout properties respectively, in the Account configuration. The new properties fix the connection release issues that were occurring due to default/restricted DB Account settings.

StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.

Added support for Amazon Aurora and Azure SQL DB.



StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.12 PatchMULTIPLE4967 Latest

Provided an interim fix for an issue with the PostgreSQL 10 accounts by re-registering the driver for each account validation. The final fix is being shipped in a separate build.

4.12 Patch

postgres4832 Latest

Updated the driver from version 8.4.704 to version 9.4.1207 to support PostgreSQL v10 servers.



StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.

4.11 Patch 

db/postgres4290 Latest

PostgreSQL Snap Pack - Fixed an issue when inserting a valid NaN value into a column.

StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.10 Patchpostgres3773 Latest

Previously the Postgres PGObject datatype could not be serialized. It is now handled as a String.




Added Auto commit property to the Select and Execute Snaps at the Snap level to support overriding of the Auto commit property at the Account level.

4.9.0 Patchpostgres3134 Latest

PostgreSQL Execute: New Snap advanced property Auto commit has been implemented to fix the Select query error in PostgreSQL replica servers.

4.9 Patch

postgres3072 Latest

Fixed an issue regarding connection not closed after login failure; Expose autocommit for "Select into" statement in PostgreSQL Execute Snap and Redshift Execute Snap.

StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.8.0 Patchpostgres2757 Latest

Potential fix for JDBC deadlock issue.

4.8.0 Patch

postgres2712 Latest

Fixed PostgreSQL Snap Pack rendering dates that are one hour off from the date returned by database query for non-UTC Snaplexes.

4.8.0 Patch




Addressed an issue where some changes made in the platform patch MRC294 to improve perfomance caused Snaps in the listed Snap Packs to fail.



  • Info tab added to accounts.
  • Database accounts now invalidate connection pools if account properties are modified and login attempts fail.
4.7.0 Patchpostgres2192 Latest

Fixed an issue for database Select Snaps regarding Limit rows not supporting an empty string from a pipeline parameter.

4.7.0 Patch

postgres2185 Latest

Resolved an issue with the PostgreSQL Execute Snap failing with a “java.util.regex.Pattern” error.



StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.


  • Resolved an issue in the PostgreSQL - Execute Snap that resulted from restrictions on the 'with' operator in conjunction with an 'insert' statement.

  • Resolved an issue in the PostgreSQL Snaps that resulting from restrictions on the 'with' operator in conjunction with the RECURSIVE keyword.

4.4.1NA StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.4NA Stable
  • Resolved an issue with PostgreSQL Select Snap not parsing JSON data type correctly.
  • Note: The fix for this issue required updating libraries that impacted all database Snaps except those for MongoDB.
4.3.2NA Stable

This Snap Pack is now compatible with the PostgreSQL drivers available in 4.3 Patch mrc222.

NANA Stable
  • PostgreSQL Insert Snap: resolved an issue where it inserts a negative value when the input data was out of range.
  • PostgreSQL Snaps did not properly handle when a table name was created in mixed case.
  • JSON paths in WHERE clauses should be processed as bind values after the expression is evaluated.
NANA Stable
  • A - otd:6828 Postgres Snap shows wrong data type in preview for timestamp withtime zone data type
  • Dynamic DB queries now supported in the Execute Snap.
  • The SQL statement property now can be set as an expression property. When it is an expression, it will be evaluated with each input document and one SQL statement per each input document will be executed.
  • Known issue: When the SQL statement property is an expression, the pipeline parameters are shown in the suggest, but not the input schema.
  • With the SQL statement property set as an expression, the Snap can be exposed to SQL injection. Please use this feature with caution.
NANA Stable
  • PostgreSQL Insert: Enhanced data type support.
  • PostgreSQL Lookup: bug fixes on lookup failures; Pass-though on no lookup match property added to allow you to pass the input document through to the output view when there is no lookup matching.
  • PostgreSQL Select Snap: added support for handling array types.