Managing Users

Only Org administrators can manage users.

The User screen enables you to manage users and their roles. To access the Users page, click Users in the SnapLogic Manager main menu:

The table displays a list of all the users in your Org, organizing them by User ID, First name, and Last name.

Use this page to perform the following tasks:

Deprovisioned Users and Orphan Service Accounts

As part of the SnapLogic off-boarding process, we remove the employee's account from the SnapLogic Org and deprovision the associated assets across customers' Orgs, resulting in the following scenario:

  • For each Org the deprovisioned user was a member, an orphan service account is created, and the user's assets are transferred to this account. The new Org admin inherits the assets in the orphan service account.
  • Deleting the orphan service account transfers all of the assets associated with the orphan accounts to the respective new Org admin. 
  • If the orphan account is not removed from the Org, any other deprovisioned user's assets from this Org become associated with the same orphan service account.  When multiple users are deprovisioned in the same Org, their assets are transferred to the same orphan service account. One orphan service account is created for each affected Org.

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