Shopify Dynamic OAuth2 Account

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You can use this account type to connect Shopify Snaps with data sources that use Shopify Dynamic OAauth2 accounts.




  • API versions: Shopify releases new API versions every quarter. Each stable version is supported only for a minimum of 12 months. Part of a Shopify API is deprecated if it becomes unnecessary, unsafe, or outdated. The API’s are marked as deprecated when they are removed in a newer version of the API. The deprecation is then retroactively applied to previous stable versions of the API.
  • API Rate Limit: All Shopify APIs are rate-limited. Shopify uses various strategies to enforce rate limits, such as Calculated query cost, Request-based limit, and Time-based limit. 
    Shopify Snap Pack uses admin APIs, which are applicable for Request-based limit. If the APIs cross the rate limit, the Snap fails.


    Rate-limiting method

    Standard limit

    Shopify Plus limit

    Admin API


    Calculated query cost

    50 points/second

    100 points/second

    Admin API


    Request-based limit

    2 requests/second

    4 requests/second

Known Issues


Account Settings

Field NameField DependencyDescription

Specify a unique label for the account.

Default Value: N/A

Access Token*N/A

Specify the access token for the account. See Getting an Access Token on how to get an access token.

Default Value: N/A

Store Name*N/A

Specify the store name for which you want to create the account.

Default Value: N/A

Getting an Access Token

  1. Log into the Shopify application.
  2. Provide the required parameters, such as, Client ID, Client Secret, and Redirect URL.
  3. Hit the URL from the browser.
    The output as shown below is displayed in the browser.

  4. From the above URL, copy the code and create a request in Post man by providing Client ID, Client Secret, and code and click Send.
    The access token is displayed along with the scope in the above URL.
  5. Provide the Access token in the Shopify Dynamic OAuth2 Account.


"401 unauthorized"The necessary authentication credentials are not present in the request or are incorrect.

Specify valid authentication credentials.

Snap Pack History

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Snap Pack Version 





4.29main15993 StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.28main14627 StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.
4.27main12833 StableUpgraded with the latest SnapLogic Platform release.



Introduced the Shopify Snap Pack that enables businesses to set up an online store and sell their products online with ease. You can use this Snap Pack to create orders, products, customers, and run automated workflows. This Snap Pack offers the following Snaps:

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