Updating a User's Information

Only an Org administrator can update a user's details. Other users can only change their default name and password

To update a user's details:

  1. Click Users in Manager to display the Users screen.

  2. Click the user ID that you want to update and click Edit in the User Settings dialog box that appears, to display the Update User dialog box:

  3. Update the First name and Last name.

  4. Select Provision this user as a service account to use the account to call Triggered Tasks.

  5. Select Allow this user UI access to enable the user to log in to SnapLogic using the user interface. Disabling this check box prevents a user from logging into the application.

    When adding a user you’re given an option to allow UI access or API access, but not both.

  6. Select Provision this user as a Snap Developer to create a project and a Snaplex for the user to build Snaps.

  7. Click Update to save your changes and exit the dialog box.

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