November 2019, 4.19 Release Notes

In this article:

  • Per the SnapLogic Release Process, all Snaplex instances across Orgs are upgraded to the 4.19 build (master-6309 - 4.19 Patch 1) at 9 p.m. PT on December 14, 2019.
  • This release also includes the patches made to SnapLogic after the 4.18 GA release, as listed in the 4.18 Dot Releases page. 
  • We recommend that you upgrade to the latest Chrome or Firefox browser version and clear your browser cache before logging into the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform (IIP).

Platform Enhancements


  • Kubernetes Support: You can now deploy your Snaplex instances in a Kubernetes environment using Helm Charts. This support enables you to benefit from containerized technology through the resource efficiency and automated operations that Kubernetes container-orchestration system provides.

  • Scheduled Task Notifications: Improving the mechanism for triggering email notifications when an error occurs in Scheduled Tasks. Previously, even if you configured a notification, Scheduled Task failures did not trigger email notifications under all failure conditions. With this release, you might see an increase in failure notifications because of this improvement. For example, if permissions are modified after a Scheduled Task is set up, then the Pipeline called by the Task can no longer execute, triggering an email notification.

  • Modifying Shared Objects: Enhancing Pipelines Executions Statistics to display a warning message when you attempt to modify an object shared between multiple documents. Sharing primarily occurs with the $original object when a Snap outputs multiple documents for a single input. For example, an SQL Select Snap that matches multiple rows for a single input document produces documents where, for each entry, $original refers to the same object. With this release, if you follow that SQL Select Snap with a Mapper Snap that writes to a property in $original, a warning message appears in the Execution Statistics window. Since modifying a shared object can lead to inconsistent results, you must copy the object. 

    Benefit to Sharing $original Objects

    The $original objects are shared for performance reasons. Copying them for every output document can be resource intensive.

  • Ensuring Backward Compatibility with JDK 9 and Upwards: If your Snaplex is using JDK 8u181 or higher, your existing Active Directory Pipelines are likely to break with a Failed to validate account error. This is because Java's Improved LDAP Support security enhancement enables endpoint identification on LDAPS connections by default.


    Set the JVM option com.sun.jndi.ldap.object.disableEndpointIdentification to true in your Snaplex's node properties (Global properties). This disables endpoint identification. You may have to contact your SnapLogic Organization Admin to include this setting. 

API Management Enhancements

Enhancing the SnapLogic API Management with the following API proxy features:

  • Request Size Limiting: Support for blocking API requests that attempt to pass a payload size beyond a specified limit. Such requests can affect critical backend systems. This policy enables you to restrict the payload size in the API response. 

  • Update Proxies: Support for editing the following configuration properties in a Proxy:
    • Modify Policies
    • Modify the APIs included in the Proxy

The update functionality makes it easier for you to modify the endpoints and policies in your Proxies while retaining the same Proxy name. Previously, to update a Proxy, you would have had to create a new Proxy with a different name.


New IP Whitelisting Requirements

We remind all customers of the new IP Whitelisting requirements that are in effect beginning with the 4.18 August 2019 release. Ensure that your system administrators of Snaplex instances and networks review the following:

Upgrading Your Groundplex to Java 11

Starting from the 4.18 August release, SnapLogic supports Java 11 for Groundplex instances. We recommend all customers to migrate to Java 11, since Oracle no longer releases security updates for Java 8. 

Java 11 support highlights

  • Starting from the 4.18 release, Snaplex Linux installers are bundled with the Java 11 distribution, which includes the Java Runtime Engine (JRE 11).
  • The 4.18 release supports Java 8, and so will the 4.19 release.
  • Current Groundplex installations will continue to work with Java 8 until the Snaplex is reinstalled using the new installer. 
  • All Groundplex instances prior to the 4.18 release must reinstall the Groundplex using the new installer. 
  • The new Groundplex installs with Java 11; however, the current default version is Java 8.
  • Support for Java 8 version will cease with the SnapLogic 4.20 release. 

For details, see Upgrading Your Groundplex to Java 11.

Known Issues

Previous Dot Releases in 4.19 - Platform

The following 4.18 Platform Dot Release updates are now a part of the 4.19 release:

Update DateBuildUpdates
  master-6135 - 4.18 Patch 4 Fixes an issue that causes the parent Pipeline to not include the correct error message when its child Pipeline, which has a Pipeline Execute Snap, fails.
master-5912 - 4.18 Patch 3 (Recommended) 
  • Fixes an issue with error handling, where child Pipelines with Pipeline Execute Snaps fail.
  • Fixes an error encountered while loading error Pipelines that use dynamic expressions.
  • Fixes an issue with Pipeline execution stalling when child Pipeline uses binary views.
  • Data lineage information is now throttled to prevent growth in runtime data size that may cause some Pipelines to fail.
  • Optimizes loading metadata from control plane by using compression.

UI Enhancements


  • New UI Form: Introducing a new UI form as an opt-in feature for Snap configuration. Besides a new look, the new UI form offers an improved user experience and reduced latency. To enable the new UI form, select the New Form UI checkbox on the User Settings menu in SnapLogic Designer. Additionally, in the Mapper Snap integrates the AutoLink feature (formerly, SmartLink) in the same Infobox popup.

Adding an Account in the current Snap form

Adding an Account with the new Snap form (when enabled in the User Settings dialog)

  • Data Preview: Enhancing the Data Preview feature with the addition of the Formatted checkbox. This functionality enables you to format document data with line-feeds that would otherwise be ignored, and increase the readability of this data in table/JSON modes. When viewing error documents that have a stack trace column in JSON/table mode, you can select Formatted to view this information easier.
  • SnapLogic Cloud Pattern Search and Preview

    • Introducing SnapLogic Cloud Pattern Catalog Search. You can now search the extensive set of Pattern Pipelines from SnapLogic and preview Pattern Pipelines that match your search criteria. You can either use a Pattern Pipeline to create a new Pipeline or copy its contents into an existing Pipeline.

    • Creating Branched Pipelines Using Pipeline Recommendations

      You can now create complex branched Pipelines using SnapLogic's Pipeline Recommendations feature. Just provide a start Snap, an end Snap, and an intermediary Snap and let Iris AI recommend Pipelines that connect all the three Snaps in a specified order.


  • Snaplex Notifications: Adding a Snaplex drop-down list for Notifications for ease of use. You can now set notifications for your Snaplex instances without having to look up the name in the Designer or Dashboard. When you configure a Snaplex notification, a drop-down list of Snaplex names appears.


  • Error Messages and Logs: Enhancing the troubleshooting experience in the SnapLogic Dashboard. Logging for JCC nodes is optimized so that duplicate or similar logs are filtered out, enabling you to find unique errors more quickly when you click View Details on the Snap Statistics tab in the Pipeline Executions Statistics popup.

Developer Portal

  • Logo and Banner Customization: Introducing the ability to customize your API Developer Portal. You can now add your own organizational logo and banner text to the Developer Portal from API Manager. Since the Developer Portal serves as the public catalog for your users to consume APIs, you can now customize the look to reflect your organization's branding.

Known Issues


  • Clicking the Execute button in the Try it section on the API tab of a Proxy might cause the Proxy window to abruptly close.

  • When configuring an account for a database Snap, the Search field is not enabled in the the drop-down list.

New UI Form

  • The Workday Reader Snap does not work with the New UI Form enabled because the accounts cannot be validated.
  • Leaving mandatory fields blank while configuring a Snap or its account, and then clicking Save should display an error message but does not when the New UI Form enabled.

Previous Dot Releases in 4.19 - UI

The following 4.18 UI Dot Release updates are now a part of the 4.19 release:

Update Date




  • Fixes an issue where Data Preview does not work in eXtreme Pipelines.

  • Fixes an issue where Snap Suggestions do not appear when you open a second tab or subsequently on the initial tab displaying the Snap Suggestions.

  • Fixes an issue where clicking a Project folder named Alerts misdirects you to the Alerts page.

  • Fixes usability issues with Pipeline Recommendations.

  • Reverts a fix where certain output data with JSON Parser Snap is inaccurate, fixing which results in a regression issue in Data Preview. 

  • Updates the UI content and buttons for Suggested Pipelines/Snaps panel in the Designer's canvas to improve usability. 


  • Fixes an issue where you can only view the preview data after Pipeline validation completes. 

  • Fixes an issue where editing Snap settings in the Pipeline Execute Snap results in the following error message:
 Type error: Cannot set property ‘dialed’ of undefined.

  • Fixes an issue where File Previewer does not refetch the full HTML report.

  • Enhances Pipeline Recommendations by enabling a wizard that allows users to populate the Pattern tab with recommended Pipelines from the Patterns Catalog.

  • Fixes an issue with Snap recommendations where adding a Snap in a replaced suggested Pipeline and saving it results in an error.

  • Fixes an issue where selecting a recommended Pipeline through Pipeline Synthesis results in the middle snaps of the recommended synthesis Pipeline not having any input or output views.

  • Fixes an error where adding a Snap on the canvas when the Suggested Pipeline panel is open results in an error.

Snap Enhancements

  • Pipelines that start before a Snap update continue to run with the older version of the Snap. All Pipelines executed after a Snap update run with the new Snaps.
  • For Ultra Pipelines, the currently running instances continue to run with the older Snap Packs. Editing and saving the task instance in Manager causes a rolling restart of the Ultra Pipeline instances, and the new Snap Packs get picked up.
  • Customers using SQL Server with Windows authentication and SAP need to restart their Groundplex and Cloudplex instances.
  • New Snap Packs appear in the SnapLogic Designer only after all the JCC nodes in an Org are upgraded to the latest version.


  • AutoLink (formerly, SmartLink): Enhances the AutoLink feature to simplify the mapping of data by suggesting Input Schema mapping to the Target Schema in the Mapper Snap. The SnapLogic platform uses a combination of algorithms to derive mapping suggestions. AutoLink feature enables you to:
    • Filter mapping suggestions based on a score threshold.
    • Get the best mapping recommendations.
    • Map nested schemas easily as the machine learning model has higher flexibility for mapping nested schemas.
    • Preview and refine the matches.

  • SnapLogic B2B Integration: Leverages SnapLogic's capabilities to integrate the EDI gateway of 1 EDI Source with another EDI gateway or B2B solution. You can integrate with multiple applications supported by SnapLogic, such as NetSuite, SAP, and Oracle.

New Snap Pack

Updated Snap Packs

  • SOAP 
    • Introduces the Library API field to the SOAP Execute Snap to enable execution over HTTP. The supported libraries are Apache HttpComponents and Apache CXF, and both the libraries support the Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM). 
    • Adds a new field, Allow duplicate headers, in the SOAP Execute Snap. Enabling this field allows duplicate headers value; if disabled, the last value of the duplicate header key is used.

  • Azure SQL: Enhances the error handling in PolyBase Bulk Load Snap when writing to a data warehouse. The Snap writes a new blob in the Azure container. This new blob highlights the first invalid row that caused the bulk load operation to fail.

  • Binary
    • The Key Passphrase field is now a mandatory field for the SSH Auth account. This update does not impact existing accounts and Pipelines. However, if you update existing SSH accounts or create a new account, then the passphrase is required. 
    • Raises the minimum buffer size in the S3 File Writer Snap to 6 MB.

  • SnapLogic Metadata: The SnapLogic Read Snap now features the Normalization checkbox, which, when selected, makes Pipeline comparisons easier.

  • ML Data Preparation: Introducing the Deduplicate Snap. Use this Snap to remove duplicate records from input documents. When you use multiple matching criteria to deduplicate your data, it is evaluated using each criterion separately, and then aggregated to give the final result.

  • Transform Snap Pack: The output of the AVG function in the Aggregate Snap now rounds up all numeric values that have more than 16 digits.

  • NetSuite: Supports NetSuite version 2019.1. While this does not impact any of your existing Pipelines, you can use the following WSDL configurations in your SnapLogic NetSuite accounts to benefit from this version's capabilities:
    • WSDL Year: 2019
    • WSDL Release: 1
    • WSDL Patch: 0

  • PostgreSQL: Adds new Snap, PostgreSQL Bulk Load, to support bulk load operations.

  • Salesforce: Introduces an account type OAuth2 and the following Snaps that support the Bulk API v2.0:
  • Snowflake
    • Enhances the Snowflake SCD2 Snap to support auto-historization of column data by adding a new field-set, Auto Historization Query. You can now detect whether the incoming record is a historical event or a current event.
    • Raises the minimum buffer size in the Snowflake - Bulk Upsert and Snowflake - Bulk Load Snaps to 6 MB.

  • Workday: The Workday Write Snap now provides a Validate Only Load check box, which enables users to upload–and then manually validate–data before importing it into Workday.

  • ServiceNow: The Snap Pack supports the Madrid release of ServiceNow.

  • PostgreSQL Snap Pack: Added a new PostgreSQL Dynamic Account.

  • RabbitMQ Snap PackAdded the Auto delete check box, which enables you to indicate that the RabbitMQ autoDelete property associated with the existing queue is set to true.

  • Anaplan Snap PackRemoved the suggestion button from the Workspace and Model fields in the Snap Settings dialog. Hence, you need to enter the field values manually.  

Breaking Change: Fix to the Active Directory List Users Snap Might Fail Pipelines

We found an issue where the Active Directory List Users Snap inserts a space before every record of each field in the output. While we are fixing this issue in the 4.19 release, if you have Pipelines that have the Active Directory List Users Snap that assumes a space in the first character, then this fix might break your Pipelines. 

Known Issues

  • Generic JDBC - Execute Snap: If a SELECT query in the SQL statement field in the Snap Settings contains duplicate column names, then the query result displays the column name twice, with the latter mention prefixed with the table name. If the column name occurs more than twice, the second entry is still prefixed with the table name but it displays the value of the column mentioned last in the query. The example below illustrates this behavior. 

     Example: Incorrect results for SELECT queries with duplicate column names


    Consider the following query, where the column name "name" is repeated three times: 

    select id, name, city, location, id as name, city as name, location as name from address

    Expected output:

    The  Generic JDBC - Execute Snap's output should reflect the correct query result containing all the six fields, as shown in the image below:

    Actual output:

    The Snap's output displays the repeat occurrence of the column "name" only once, prefixed with the table name "address" as shown in the image below. Further, it holds the value of the table column "location", which was mentioned last in the SELECT query. 

    To avoid this issue, we recommend that you give unique column names in the query.

  • The ZipFile Write Snap with Use input view label enabled produces incorrect file names – different from the file names assigned by users.

  • The REST GET Snap Link HTTP response header maybe be malformed compared to other third-party applications like POSTMAN.

  • The File Delete Snap, when configured with a Google Service account, intermittently throws a NoClassDefFoundError: com/google/common/base/MoreObjects error. 

  • The following NetSuite Snaps currently do not support custom records: NetSuite Get, NetSuite Get List, NetSuite Async Get, and NetSuite Delete.

  • The Sandbox Account setting, available while creating a NetSuite account, does not work as expected. Do not select this check box while creating a sandbox NetSuite account.

  • The CSV Formatter Snap ignores escape characters when used along with any quote characters. When this happens, the resultant data cannot be parsed correctly using CSV Parser Snap which can cause an error. See Apache CSV Format issue for details.

Previous Dot Releases in 4.19 - Snaps

The following 4.18 Snap Dot Release updates are now a part of the 4.19 release:

Snap PackUpdate DateBuildUpdates
Confluent Kafka confluentkafka8111Fixes an issue with the Confluent Kafka Producer Snap wherein the Topic property doesn't evaluate expression against input documents.
Salesforce salesforce8066Fixes an issue with the Salesforce SOQL Snap wherein the Snap fails with NullPointerException.
Hadoop hadoop8033

Fixes an issue with the Parquet Writer Snap wherein the Snap throws an error when working with WASB protocol.

RabbitMQ rabbitmq8058Fixes an issue with RabbitMQ Snaps wherein the Snaps throw an error when the auto-delete setting is set to true.
Snowflake db/snowflake8044

Fixes an issue with the Snowflake - Select Snap wherein the Snap converts the Snowflake-provided timestamp value to the local timezone of the account.

MS Dynamics 365 for Sales dynamics365forsales7957
  • Fixes a NullPointerException issue with the Dynamics 365 for Sales Delete Snap wherein the Object ID is invalid.
  • Fixes a concurrency issue with multiple Dynamics 365 for Sales Snaps when running in parallel.
Binary binary8046

Enhances the Snap Pack to support AWS SDK 1.11.634 to fix the NullPointerException issue in the AWS SDK.

This issue occurs in AWS-related Snaps that have HTTP or HTTPS proxy configured without a username and/or password.

Confluent Kafka confluentkafka8006

Fixes an exception that occurs when consuming log-compacted topics, in the Confluent Kafka Consumer Snap.

PostgreSQL postgres8021Fixes an issue with the PostgreSQL grammar to better handle the single quote characters.
Binary MULTIPLE7884Fixes an issue with the PostgreSQL grammar to better handle the single quote characters.
Transform transform7994Adds a field Round dates to the Excel Parser Snap, which enables you to round numeric excel data values to the closest second.
SQL Server db/sqlserver7989Fixes an issue in the SQL Server Merge Snap wherein identity columns are not handled correctly. Also, adds a field Enable Identity Insert that enables you to insert values into an identity column.
MS Dynamics 365 for Sales dynamics365forsales7952Adds support for lookup type in the input document to be formatted per MS Dynamics 365 for Sales syntax.
JMS jms7865Fixes an issue with the JMS Consumer Snap that reinserts failed messages in the JMS queue without checking for duplicate messages.
Binary binary7860Fixes an issue with the File Writer Snap that is intermittently unable to set the correct permissions.
NetSuite netsuite7879

Fixes an issue with the NetSuite Snaps that intermittently fail to reach, cache, and view the NetSuite WSDL and XSD files.

MySQL db/mysql7846Fixes an issue with the MySQL Snaps that exhibit degraded performance with snapsmrc523.
Splunk splunk7812

Adds properties named Earliest RelativeLatest Relative, and Preset Relative Search to the Splunk Search Snap to fix an issue wherein the Snap returns inaccurate and inconsistent results regarding last-30-day and year-to-date searches.

Snowflake db/snowflake7821Fixes an issue with the Snowflake - Execute Snap wherein the Snap is unable to support the '$' character in query syntax.
Binary binary7851
  • Introduces a field Advanced properties in the File Reader, File Writer, File Delete, ZipFile Read, ZipFile Write, Directory Browser, Multi File Reader, File Poller, and File Operation Snaps. Use this field to configure the SAS URI for an access to Azure Storage. The supported SAS types are Service SAS on container, Service SAS on blob, and Account SAS.
  • Introduces a Snap SAS Generator. This Snap enables you to generate Shared Access Storage (SAS) URIs for accessing Azure Storage containers and blobs.
Workday workday7837Fixes an issue with the Workday Read Snap wherein the Snap is unable to log SOAP calls.
Salesforce salesforce7832Enhances the Salesforce Subscriber Snap to capture Change Data Capture (CDC) events.

Adds a property Validate full JSON path to the Data Validator Snap to fix an issue wherein a field validation failure against a constraint does not produce an error.

Confluent Kafkaconfluentkafka7784Fixes the Consumer Snap to stop quickly and cleanly on CLOSE and STOP lifecycle events.
Oracledb/oracle7786Fixes an issue by using the NVARCHAR2 datatype in Oracle databases when the character set is not AL32UTF8. However, a known issue is that special characters appear as (question).
NetSuitenetsuite7779Fixes an issue with the NetSuite Update Snap and the NetSuite Create Snap wherein the Snaps are unable to properly handle null values for the standard and the custom fields.
  • Fixes an issue with the Excel Parser Snap by upgrading Apache POI to version 3.14 wherein the Snap is unable to parse an excel file with custom namespaces.
  • Fixes an issue with the Excel Parser Snap wherein the Snap converts real numbers to two decimal places when formatted for currency. A new property Cell formatting now supports unformatted outputs.
BinaryMULTIPLE7778Updates the AWS SDK library version to default to the Signature Version 4 Signing process for API requests across regions.
Transformtransform7741Fixes an issue with the Sort and Join Snaps wherein the platform removes all temp files at the end of Pipeline execution.
Binary binary7746Fixes an issue with the SMB file protocol wherein Binary Snaps are unable to create a native thread using an SMB file path.
  • Fixes an issue with the Snowflake - Bulk Upsert Snap wherein the Snap fails when using a pipeline parameter in Key columns.
  • Fixes an issue with the Snowflake - Unload Snap wherein the Snap does not abort the query when you stop the Pipeline execution.
Snowflake db/snowflake7727Fixes an issue with the Snowflake - Unload Snap wherein the Snap does not abort the query when the Pipeline is stopped.
Transformtransform7711Fixes an issue with the XML Parser Snap wherein a class cast exception occurs when the Snap is configured with a Splitter and Namespace Context.
Confluent Kafkaconfluentkafka7732Adds support for Kerberos-based authentication to enable connecting to Kerberos-enabled Kafka servers.
Spark SQLsparksql7718Fixes an issue with the Spark Pipeline wherein the Pipeline on Hadooplex fails on release 4.18 because of dependency change in the global POM file.
Binarybinary7720Fixes an issue with the ZipFile Read Snap wherein the Snap fails to extract files from a zip file larger than 100MB when the number of retries is greater than zero.

eXtreme (Big Data) Enhancements


New Snap Pack

Updated Snap Packs

  • Spark SQL 2.x: Includes the following updates:
    • Supports ADLS Gen2 and Gen2 OAuth2 account types for the File Writer - Spark SQL 2.x and File Reader - Spark SQL 2.x Snaps, enabling you to connect the Snaps to your ADLS database.
    • The Catalog WriterSnap introduces a mandatory field File Action that enables various actions on the file when the specified path already exists. You can use this property to append, ignore, and overwrite the existing path.

Deprecated Feature

We are deprecating Hadooplex from 4.19 with a target sunset date during the 4.20 release. 


After an eXtremeplex terminates on Azure Databricks, the terminate event now displays on the SnapLogic Dashboard.

Known Issues

  • Executing an eXtreme Pipeline twice in the same (unterminated) cluster for Azure Databricks displays Pipeline statistics of both the executed Pipelines, as the SparkUI tab in Databricks' console does not segregate the data. The workaround is to execute the said Pipeline in a new cluster each time, to view the correct Pipeline statistics. 

  • Reading and writing Avro format files currently fails for both AWS EMR and Azure Databricks.

4.19 UAT Delta

This section tracks the changes made during the iterative pushes to the UAT server and the GA release. The expected schedule is:

  • UAT #1: Friday, October 25, 2019 (Release updates are published above)
  • UAT #2: Friday, November 2, 2019
  • GA: Saturday, November 9, 2019 (9 p.m. PT)

UAT #2 Updates


  • Fixes an issue where running Ultra Pipelines using an alias affects the FeedMaster queues, resulting in a 400 bad request error.
  • Fixes an issue where an Org admin trying to trigger a Cloudplex task created by a basic user whose password has expired results in a 500 server error.


  • Fixes an issue where some Spark statistics are not displaying in the Pipeline Extra Details pane for eXtreme Pipelines.
  • Fixes an issue where using Dynamic Validation is causing expressions to display incorrectly.
  • Fixes an issue where the Pipeline Recommendation preview displays the recommended Pipeline off-center on the canvas in SnapLogic Designer.
  • Fixes an issue where creating a Pipeline using Pipeline Synthesis (import and replace), then removing a Snap and saving the Pipeline causes a script error.
  • Fixes an issue where, if a Project space name has special characters, then you cannot invoke Proxy endpoints.
  • Fixes an issue where the Mapper Snap does not sort properties or distinguish mapped from non-mapped values when the New Form UI is enabled.


  • Fixes a regression issue wherein REST Snaps are unable to handle empty XML responses when Show All Headers is enabled (rest8215 -- available as both Stable and Latest distribution in UAT)

Big Data

  • Fixes an issue where eXtreme Pipelines having the eXtreme Delta Lake Merge Into Snap fails to execute with a database not found error.

4.19 Dot Releases


Update Date



  • Fixes an issue that causes a few Pipelines to hang indefinitely.
  • Fixes an issue where creating a Triggered Task from a Pipeline results in a Pipe invalid error message and 500 status code.
  • Fixes an issue where Pipeline statistics are displayed without details.
 master-6309 – 4.19 Patch 1 Fixes an issue where an Ultra Pipeline with a Snap that uses the snap.original.load() function and the incoming request is sent in XML format, which results in a runtime error when executing the Pipeline.



  • Fixes an issue with API Management where you could update a policy in a Proxy, but the policy does not change.

  • Fixes an issue where notifications are incorrectly triggered for certain Scheduled Tasks that are configured not to start while one is already active. 


Update Date



N/AFixes an issue where a user that tries to list or open Assets under a Project Space that contains the name shared receives an error message instead and subsequently cannot perform the operation.
  • Fixes an issue where the Expression Builder in the Mapper Snap causes the popup to close automatically before configuration can be completed.
  • Fixes an issue where upstream Snaps do not load any data.
  • Fixes an issue where the column headers and details do not display correctly in the Recycle Bin.
  • Fixes an issue where the Postgres Select Snap Preview Output displays incorrectly.
  • Fixes an issue where the Scheduled Task details, such as frequency, timezone, and start time, do not display.
  • Fixes an issue where an error message displays when you try to save a Pipeline using Pipeline Synthesis.
  • Fixes the default Data Preview to display the JSON view.
  • Fixes the scrolling position in the Pipeline Recommendation preview.
  • Fixes an issue where opening a deleted Pipeline through hashing the URL results in console errors.
  • Fixes an issue where opening the Expression Builder by clicking on the drop-down arrow in the Mapper Snap's mapping table abruptly closes the Settings popup.
  • Fixes multiple issues with Snaps where performing basic operations within Snaps results in script errors.
  • Adds a watermark to Pipeline Recommendation and Pipeline Synthesis to indicate a preview output.

New UI Form

  • Fixes an issue where selecting route error data to error view in the File Reader Snap does not persist after saving, closing, and re-opening the Snap.
  • Fixes an issue where the Search functionality is not enabled for the dropdown in Designer.
  • Fixes an issue where the Mapper Snap does not display sorted properties or distinguish mapped from non-mapped items.
  • Fixes an issue where older account names still display in a Pipeline even after changing account names.
  • Fixes an issue where searching by Project on Dashboard displays incorrect results.
  • Fixes an issue where the Views tab in a Snap dialog does not display correctly.


Snap PackUpdate DateBuildUpdates
Snowflake db/snowflake8687Fixes the Snowflake Bulk Load snap where the Snap fails to load documents containing single quotes when the Load empty strings checkbox is not selected.
SOAP soap8642

Fixes the SOAP Execute Snap where the Snap encounters the following issues:

  • The Snap throws NPE when generating a SOAP request template.
  • The Snap throws the following error when making a SOAP call, if the SOAPAction HTTP header contains a stringDoes not match an operation.
MySQL db/mysql8638Fixes the MySQL Database Account where the associated Snaps produce a huge count of open file descriptors when the Configure SSH Tunnel property is enabled.
MySQL db/mysql8635Fixes the MySQL - Execute Snap where the retry option fails to establish a connection with the MySQL database, after an interrupted transmission.
Active Directory activedirectory8506

Fixes the Search Snap and the List Users Snap wherein the Snaps displayed only the first element of an array field. Now, the Snaps display all the elements of an array field.

Dynamics CRM dynamicscrm8531

Fixes the following:

  • Dynamics CRM Upsert Snap to process GUID format
  • Dynamics CRM Search Snap to parse additional object schema types
Snowflake db/snowflake8499

Adds the property Handle Timestamp and Date Time Data to Snowflake - Execute and Snowflake - Select Snaps. This property enables you to decide whether the Snap should translate UTC time to your local time.

Splunk splunk8425
  • Fixes the Splunk Search Snap where the output data do not display some of the preview fields.
  • Added the preview field to the Splunk Search Snap output to allow users to select between preview and actual search results to pass on to downstream Snaps.

JMS jms8420
  • Adds the following properties to the JMS Consumer and JMS Producer Snaps to enable retry and reconnect features:
    • Number of retries: Defines the number of times the Snap must re-attempt an operation before throwing a connection/network error.
    • Retry interval (milliseconds): Defines the time in milliseconds the Snap must wait between subsequent retries upon a connection/network error.
  • Enables the JMS Producer Snap to clean up stale connections.
  • Fixes the JMS Acknowledge Snap where the Snap fails unexpectedly without providing a reason.
SuccessFactors successfactors8351

Introduces the SuccessFactors Snap Pack that helps you with the human capital management (HCM) system by covering everything from payroll to employee engagement. This Snap Pack includes the following Snaps:

  • db/azuresql8403
  • db/cassandra8404
  • db/jdbc8405
  • db/mysql8407
  • db/oracle8408
  • db/postgres8409
  • db/redshift8410
  • db/saphana8411
  • db/snowflake8412
  • db/sqlserver8413
  • db/teradata8414
  • vertica8415

Fixes an issue with the respective Update Snaps wherein the Snaps are unable to perform operations when:

  • An expression is used in the Update condition property.
  • Input data contain the character '?'.
MySQL db/mysql8390

Fixes an issue wherein the MySQL Snaps are unable to reconnect to the MySQL database after the breakdown of a connection.

  • msdynamicsax8376
  • soap8375

The MS Dynamics AX and SOAP Snaps have a Library API field. When the selected value is the non-default HTTP Components, there was a breaking change in the structure of the output response document between 4.19 GA version (snapsmrc528) and the latest patch version (msdynamicsax8376 and soap8375). 

We recommend that if you want to use the non-default (non-CXF) value for Library API, then you must use this latest patch version as subsequent GA releases may result in Pipeline executions failing. 

If your current or new Pipelines use CXF as the Library API value, or do not handle SOAP response bodies greater than 1000 lines, or do not rely on NTLM authentication, then you can continue using your existing Snap Pack version (stable distribution – snapsmrc528).

REST rest8374
  • Adds a drop-down property Retry Policy to the REST Snaps to provide users with different retry options for connection and 4xx and 5xx error responses.
  • Fixes the REST GET Snap that limits the output to five documents, even when more output documents are expected.

Critical fix

If your current or new Pipelines with REST Snaps use the retry functionality, then we recommend you to use this latest patch version as subsequent GA releases may result in Pipeline executions failing. Else, you can continue using your existing Snap Pack version (stable distribution – snapsmrc528).

Binary binary8369

Fixes the following issues associated with the SMB account wherein:

  • Pipelines with multiple concurrent SMB connections hang intermittently.
  • Directories are not deleted completely.
MySQL db/mysql8340

Fixes an issue with the MySQL Bulk Load Snap wherein the Snap is unable to execute the bulk load feature with MySQL 8.0 and higher versions.

Azure Active Directory azureactivedirectory8341

Fixes an issue with the Get Group Members Snap wherein the Snap is unable to return more than 100 users.

Google Spreadsheet google/spreadsheet8333Fixes an issue with the Google Worksheet Reader Snap wherein the Snap produces output documents for empty rows.
Expensify expensify8335

Fixes the broken doc link for the Expensify Export Report Snap.

OpenAir openair8336

Fixes the broken doc link for the OpenAir Write/Update Snap.

SumoLogic sumologic8337Fixes the broken doc link for the Execute Search Job Snap.
/wiki/spaces/SD/pages/1438719 twitter8338Fixes the broken doc link for the PostDirectMessage Snap.
Transform transform8280Fixes an issue with the Excel Parser Snap wherein the Snap incorrectly outputs Unformatted General Number format.

Fixes an issue with the Hadoop Parquet Writer Snap wherein the Snap throws an exception when the input document includes one or all of the following:

  • Empty lists.
  • Lists with all null values.
  • Maps with all null values.
  • Fixes an issue with the ServiceNow Insert Snap wherein the output provides zero counts if it includes any error records.
  • Fixes an issue with the ServiceNow Update Snap wherein 403 error occurs while fetching schema.

Fixes the Birst Upload Snap where the Snap fails to log in with a token error.

Big Data

Snap PackUpdate DateUpdates
eXtreme Redshift Snap Pack Fixes an issue with the Redshift Insert Snap that fails during Pipeline execution with this error – Job aborted.